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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.

Jun 20, 2013

Stan Lee's Superhumans' On GMA News TV Shows People Doing The Most Mind-Boggling Tricks/Stunts

ONE OF THE most astonishing they show on GMA News TV Channel 11 is “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” about people who do the most mind-boggling stunts and incredible tricks. Tonight, they feature an extreme escape artist, a human crash test dummy, a modern samurai and a human beehive. Steve Santini is a fan of the legendary Houdini who’s fascinated by escapology and how the human mind reacts when faced with extreme danger. Steve has followed in Houdini's footsteps by putting himself in harm’s way with real escape attempts, not illusions. Most humans would be paralyzed by fear when faced with such danger, but can Steve truly demonstrate the dexterity and ultimate body control needed to escape these life threatening situations unharmed?

For the sake of training law enforcement officers on how to respond to serious road traffic accidents, Rusty Haight puts his life on the line by crashing the cars himself --- surviving over 1,000 car crashes so far. Statistically, Rusty should be in a wheelchair. “Superhumans” co-host Daniel Browning-Smith tries to find out how Rusty’s body manages to counter such tremendous impacts.

Isao Machii from Japan is a real life, modern day samurai who started honing his unbelievable sword skills when he was a child. His sword skills have become so accurate that he claims he can slice a tiny pellet in half when shot at him from a BB gun. All of this action happens at such an incredible speed that it is almost impossible for the human eye to register. In order to capture this amazing feat on screen, the program used one of the world's most sophisticated high-speed cameras for slow motion analysis. Seeing really is believing!

Finally, Dr. Norman Gary has a very unique ability - he can control an entire swarm of hundreds of thousands of bees! To prove this amazing ability, Norman summons a swarm of bees to cover his body like a living suit. If just one bee stings him, it will trigger a stinging frenzy that could be fatal. Don’t miss them tonight on “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” at 8PM on GMA News TV Channel 11.