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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.
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Aug 7, 2022



AQ PRIME is all set to rival Vivamax as the top local streaming platform with its line up of original sexy local films and also foreign ones that you can now download via Google Play or Apple Store. 

“We’re not here to compete but to give viewers more entertainment options,” says AQ Primes COO Atty. Melanie Honey Quino. 

“In its launch, AQ Prime will offer P1 subscription for the first month and as low as P99 per month for the regular service. 

"Subscribers will be able to access thousands of hours of streaming entertainment on all smartphones and TVs across the Philippines, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Korea, and North America.” 

Part of AQ Prime’s mission is to promote and uplift the local film industry. In addition to movies and shows, a subscription gives customers access to pay-per-view live sporting events, shows, and festivals, rent-to-view adult movies, and Filipino independent films.  

AQ Prime also takes pride in another platform called Director’s Cut by AQ, which is a separate app dedicated to sexy and mature content — both teeming with original titles produced by AQ as well as acquired titles from Korea and other territories.

They are introducing their own stable of promising new stars like Grace Vargas, Nika Madrid, Joni McNab, Emelyn Cruz, Yana Fuentes, Zia Zamora, Ianne Bernardino, Alessandra Trinidad, Mia Aquino, Kurt Kendrick, Drei Arias, Angel Marquez, Seon Quintos, John Flores, Inaki Torres, Mark  McMahon, Jaycee Domincel, and more, including the comebacking Krista Miller.

Here are some of the new movies they’re offering. All of them are sizzlingly sexy and there are many provocative BL or boys love films: 

“LA TRAIDORA” - starring Joni McNab Brylle Mondejar, Mia Aquino, Juan Calma, and Ricardo Cepeda. Directed by Alejandro 'Bong' Ramos. 

TAONG GRASA - starring Joni McNab, Andrew Gan, Emelyn Cruz, Kurt Kendrick, Manang Medina. Directed by Neal 'Buboy' Tan  

UPUAN - with Andrew Gan, Krista Miller, Nika Madrid, Rob Sy, Shane Vasquez, Julia Victoria, Bettina Gonzales, Lloyd Agustin, Boogie Canare, Joyce Javier. Directed by Greg Colasito.

SOSYAL MEDYA - with Kristof Garcia, Brenda Mage, DJ Onse, Mark Hernandez Steffy Sue, Mia Esty, Didong Dumadag, Thania Panilag, Scarlet James, Lloyd Agustin. Directed by Greg Colasito. 

BINGWIT - A BL film with Drei Arias, Conan King, Rob Sy, with Krista Miller. Directed by Neal 'Buboy' Tan.  

CUATRO - with Rico Barrera, Nika Madrid, Joni McNab and Jet Delgado. Written by Dennis Evangelista and directed by Roswill Hilario.

ANATOMIYA - a horror-slasher film with Teejay Marquez, Emanuelle Vera and Yana Fuentes.

ADONIS X - a BL films with Mark McMahon, Kristof Garcia, Jaycee Domincel, Kurt Kendrick, Grace Vargas. Directed by Bong Ramos.  

MANG KANOR - starring Rez Cortez, Nika Madrid, Joni McNab, Seon Quintos, Emelyn Cruz, Rain Perez, John Flores, Carlo Mendoza, Rob Sy with the special participation of Via Veloso. Directed by Greg Colasito. 

AMAZONA - with Krista Miller, Mark Mcmahon, Joyce Javier, Emelyn Cruz, Sabrina M., Rob Sy, Grace Vargas, and Zia Zamora. Directed by Jojo Nadela. 

BAKA SAKALI - Another Boys Love film with Drei Arias, Leandre Adams, Seon Quintos, April 'Congrats' Gustilo. Directed by Bong Ramos.

PURA SERBIDORA, with Elizabeth Oropesa, Emelyn Cruz, Carlos Dala, Japz River, Dolly de Leon, Dexter Doria, Joni Mcnab, Elijah Filamor, Jay Custodio. Written by Dennis Evangelista and todirected by Louie Ignacio.

 LOVE OR LIE AT FIRST SIGHT -a BL reality show starring RS Francisco, Sachzna Laparan, Rob Sy, Michael Ver, directed by Afi Africa.

Well, as they say, the more, the merrier. AQ Prime has no doubt given more jobs to a lot of people and good breaks to deserving showbiz wannabes. Let’s see which one will the fountain bless.

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MIGUEL TANFELIX is so happy for Ysabel Ortega’s starring role in their new drama series, “What We Could Be” that will start airing on August 29 to replace “Bolera” on primetime. 

The lead role of the bubbly young nurse, Cynthia, is very challenging and it will surely help boost Isabel’s acting career.   

Miguel and Ysabel were first paired in “Voltes V Legacy” that started taping last year yet but will still be aired in 2023 as GMA-7 has to refine its post-production special effects for this big-budgeted sci-fi life production of the former Japanese anime hit.     

In the meantime, GMA and Quantum Films paired them in their first co-production, “What We Could Be”, a feel good romantic drama and Miguel says he is quite inspired to do this project with Ysabel.  

“One of the rules I follow is that I should be inspired when I work on something,” he says. “And thankfully, isa si Ysabel sa nagbibigay ng inspiration sa akin.”    

Does that mean they’re now playing beautifully music together?  

“All of us can be inspired. Hindi naman kailangang maging magjowa kayo or meron kayong something, just to be inspired. Basta I will always be here to support her anytime.”   

So how will he describe their relationship at the moment? 

“We’re very close. I’d say our relationship is quite smooth since we are already very comfortable with each other.  We help each other in our scenes together. Pinag-uusapan namin kung paano namin mas mapapaganda. 

"So our relationship now, I’d say, masaya siya. We’re okay. We’re happy working together. Open naman ako sa anumang puedeng mangyari. 

"We’re both single and we don’t know what will happen in the future. Matagal pa ang pagsasamahan namin ni Ysabel kasi babalik pa kami sa ‘Voltes V Legacy’. So abangan na lang natin.”

We’ve seen the music videos and pilot week episodes of “What We Could Be” in its press preview and it’s easy to see that Miguel and Ysabel have very good on screen chemistry with each other.  

It will be recalled that Miguel’s first ka-love team was Bianca Umali but it’s obvious that their pairing is now a thing of the past and Ysabel is his present. 

What does he like in Ysabel?  

“Parang nag-click kami agad,” he says. “She has a good personality at magaan siyang katrabaho. 

"I’m happy she is given a good dramatic role in ‘What We Could Be’. She surely deserves it and I’m proud na maganda ang aming project. It’s a love story for millennials and the whole family. 

"It’s about reaching for your dreams, finding yourself and following what your heart tells you. Themes that viewers can easily relate with. 

"At napakagaling pa ng direktor namin, si Direk Jeffrey Jeturian. He’s really very good. I’m sure the audience will follow our journey ni Ysabel every night.” 

A word of warning, though. 

Diehard fans of Miguel who are expecting to see a lot of him in the pilot week might be disappointed that he has very minimal exposure in the show’s first few episodes. 

This is because the first week revolves mainly on Ysabel and in establishing her character as the caring Cynthia. 

But Atty. Joji Villanueva Alonso of Quantum Films assures us that in the rest of the show, Miguel will be given ample exposure in his role as Franco, who will help Ysabel as Cynthia to put up her own bakery business. 

“What We Could Be” will be aired starting August 29, so don’t miss its heartwarming pilot telecast, with Yasser Marta as Lucas and "Pano" by Zack Tabudlo as its theme song.

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Aug 6, 2022




JEFFREY HIDALGO started his showbiz career in 1989 as a singer, member of the group called Smokey Mountain with Geneva Cruz. 

Their two other members, Tony Lambino and James Coronel, are now no longer active in showbiz. 

Jeffrey continued his studies and got a degree in chemical engineering, then eventually went into acting. 

He’s now a part of the cast of “Flower of Evil”, playing a lawyer. 

And he’s into directing films and GMA TV series like “Silong” (2015),a two-character romantic thriller, and the romantic comedy, “Inday Will Always Love You”.

His last directorial job was the sexy flick, “Eva”, for Vivamax last year starring Angeli Khang.

He now directs another new movie, “Lampas Langit”, to be shown on Vivamax on August 19.

 “Matagal na itong script ni Racquel Villavicencio and supposed to be my follow up to ‘Silong’, but now it landed with Vivamax,” he says. 

“Directing is what I enjoy the most now. This a drama-thriller na hindi naman ganun ka-sexy, but we know the target audience for Vivamax so we tailored it for their viewers and the sex element made it darker.”

He has a wholesome image before as a singer. 

“Pero noon pa, tinatarget ko na ang erotic genre. I’m fascinated with dark materials and ‘Lampas Langit’ is very dark. 

"It’s the kind of mind-fuck film that will make you think from start to finish. Kakabahan ang viewers habang nanonood sila.”

Which is sexier, his past film “Eva” or this one? 

“Magkaiba naman sila. ‘Lampas Langit’ is darker, maraming love scenes dito, but lahat, may specific objectve. 

"Hindi siya basta sex scenes lang, kasi it’s really about manipulation. So later on, after watching it, sana don’t post anything para there won’t be spoilers. 

"I’m lucky to have a very strong ensemble cast. They really delivered.”

How is it working with Ricky Davao who’s a multi-awarded veteran actor and a director himself?  

“I love working with Direk Ricky. I worked with him na before in GMA’s ‘Inday Will Always Love You’. 

"He’s very helpful and supportive as an actor and as a director. Ang dami niyang very useful suggestions. It’s always fun collaborating with him.” 

 “Lampas Langit” follows the story of Jake (Baron Geisler), a struggling writer who’s also having a hard time keeping his marriage afloat with Mylene (Chloe Jenna). 

In the condominium where they live, Jake meets his literary idol and famous novelist, Arman (Ricky Davao), who’s writing a novel entitled “Lampas Langit”. 

He lives with a young woman named Belle (Christine Bermas), who they thought is Arman’s daughter. 

Jake and Belle become lovers and  Arman and Mylene will eventually discover this secret affair, and soon, all the characters’ other secrets drop like bombs, including Arman and Belle's true identities, exploding into a suspenseful and exciting climax full of intrigue and violence. 

“Lampas Langit” streams exclusively on Vivamax this August 19, 2022.

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LOVI POE says she didn’t have any hesitation accepting “Sleep With Me” which is about a sapphic relationship between a science writer, Luna (which she plays), and a wheelchair bound disc jockey, Harry (played by Janine Gutierrez.)  

“This is one of a kind of a story that needs to be told and I’m glad that Dreamscape took a chance in doing it,” she says. 

“Now, I’m happy to be a part of it and their whole team. Janine and I have both never been in a lesbian relationship so we hope we give justice to our roles.”

She has always had an open mind when it comes to different kind of relationships. 

“I don’t think anything is wrong with this kind of relationship. I mean, if you like someone, then you like someone. Love is love and you don’t have to categorize it. 

"At the end of the day, kung sino yung taong nag-aangat at nagpapasaya sa’yo, e di doon ka. Basta it’s not a toxic kind of relationship and your partner helps you grow and become a better person, walang question kung ano ang gender.”

“Sleep with Me” is written and directed by Samantha Lee, who has long admitted that she is queer and Lovi said she enjoyed working with her.

“Making this is a good experience as it gave me a better understanding of what being queer is. 

"I hope it will help viewers not to be so judgmental about different kinds of relationships.”

Would she be willing to do another similar project in the future? 

“Why not? I would say yes again. Basta maganda ang script and if I’d be given the opportunity to do this kind of story na maganda ang treatment and execution like ‘Sleep with Me’, I’m willing to do it.”

How did she feel when her partner, Janine, said in an interview that she’s her crush? 

“Hahaha! I’m so kilig, but I don’t know how to accept such compliment from someone who’s really a good actress and very beautiful. 

"I don’t know how to respond, but I do feel the same towards her, na para bang everything na puede mong i-admire sa isang tao, nasa kanya na and I get to do this kind of project with her. 

"It’s the first time we get to act together and I’m glad we’re not rivals or adversaries but lovers.”

It’s common knowledge she’s on a long distance relationship (LDR) with her British BF, Montgomery "Monty" Blencowe. Do they have any plans of tying the knot soon? 

“Well, right now, we’re just very happy. You see, we’re both very career oriented, so we push each other to do well in our careers and also our personal lives. 

"We’ve been together for sometime and it’s a pretty serious relationship.”

It’s good they last even if their romance is LDR?  

“Yes, because he’s very supportive sa career ko. If someone really wants to uplift you, he will let you pursue and not hamper your dreams.”

In case they do get married, would she be willing to leave her career here and stay with him in the U.S.? 

“That’s a really hard question, kasi all my life, nandito ang career ko. 

"But I would want to be someone who’d just continue to support my career and let me be myself, let me grow even if we’re together.”

Lovi has put up her own company in L.A. with the help of Monty, C’est Lovi Productions. 

“It’s been a passion of mine to be in the business of making films in front of the camera for a number of years already, and as I continue to do that I’d like to be behind the camera too and develop projects from the beginning. 

"More importantly, I want to join forces with people who share the same passion and make films that would help the world recognize Filipino talent either behind or in front of the camera.”

Meantime, don’t miss the six-episode “Sleep with Me” when it starts airing on iWant TFC on August 15.

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Aug 5, 2022


THE FIRST ‘THOR’ movie was shown in 2011 directed by Kenneth Branagh, followed by “Thor: The Dark World” in 2013 directed by Allan Taylor, and “Thor: Ragnarok” in 2017, helmed by the New Zealand director Taika Waititi. 

If you’re an MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fan, then you know that Thor, the son of Odin of Asgard, has also appeared as guest in the various Avenger superhero movies.

Now comes, the fourth solo movie in the franchise, “Thor: Love and Thunder”, once again directed by Waititi. 

It opens with a new character, Gorr (Christian Bale), who is dying in the dessert with his daughter. 

He calls to their god, Rapu, to help them but his daughter still dies. 

A sword used in killing gods, the Necrosword, leads Gorr to Rapu, who then tries to strangle him, but he uses the Necrosword to kill Rapu. 

Gorr then becomes the god-butcher whose goal is to kill all gods. 

He gets to kill several gods and his next target are the gods of Asgard. 

Thor learns about this and he goes to Asgard where Gorr and his shadow monsters have begun their attack.

Before this, we are reminded that Thor has become so sad after everyone close him was killed (several times in the case of his brother Loki) and he neglected his body that he became fat. 

But he has since gotten back his muscular physique, although still missing his one true love, Dr. Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who was not in “Ragnarok”. 

In a flashback, it’s shown how their romance turned sour before because they both got so busy.  

Jane is now suffering from terminal cancer and she goes to Asgard to get Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, hoping it would heal her. 

Thor had previously blessed the hammer to bond with Jane and he is surprised to see Jane again in Asgard, with Mjolnir now belonging to Jane as Mighty Thor.

They team up with Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), the bisexual new king of Asgard, and Korg (Waititi), a gladiator made of rocks, to fight Gorr. 

They defeat Gorr, but he escapes, taking all the children of Asgard with him as hostages in his Shadow Realm. 

It now becomes Thor and his team’s responsibility to save the children from Gorr. Of course, it would be easy to guess from here as to who’d triumph in the end. 

Waititi’s comedic take on Thor in “Ragnarok” made it a hilarious blockbuster hit, grossing $850 million worldwide, the biggest seller in the series. 

So it’s not surprising that in “Love and Thunder”, they try to do more of the same. 

It seems the movie’s aim is to make audiences laugh as much as possible by coming up with so many goofy, silly gags with the help of head-banging Guns n’ Roses hit songs like “November Rain” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. In “Ragnarok”, Waititi used Led Zeppelin. 

Hemsworth is still compelling on screen as the cheeky, swaggering Norse god, but even more impressive is Natalie Portman who got buff for her role.  

But Bale nearly steals the movie from them with his role as a Marvel villain hidden in tons of spooky prosthetic make up. 

Waititi was obviously given the freedom to do whatever the hell he likes with the movie so he made it a romp with jarring shifts that lack tonal consistency. 

In the end, it’s a movie that we call “pambata”. Quite cartoonish and tries so hard to please the viewer.

Even the hostaged children are suddenly given their own powers to turn into kiddie warriors battling shadow monsters. 

As some sort of a pa-consuelo de bobo, the movie offers many cameo performances, led by Chris Pratt and the whole gang from “Guardians of the Galaxy”. 

Then there’s also a fat Russell Crowe as Zeus, Matt Damon, Melissa McCarthy, Sam Neill, Luke Hemsworth, Stellan Skarsgard and others. 

Idris Elba appears as Heimdall in the post-credit sequence talking to Jane Foster. 

Will there be another sequel? You betcha! 

They already announced in the end credits: they will be back.  And why not? 

The film has so far grossed $670 million worldwide. And counting, since it’s still showing. Waititi rides again!

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ARRA SAN AGUSTIN is a Starstruck discovery who excelled in acting and showed her acting chops in the afternoon soap“Madrasta”, where she played the title role. 

She is now on primetime in the number one GMA Telebabad show, “Lolong”, as one of the leading ladies of lead actor Ruru Madrid,playing a city girl vlogger who forays into crocodile territory and meets Ruru as Lolong.

Aside from acting, the beautiful and versatile Sparkle star is now a recording artist. She has just released her debut single under GMA Playlist titled ‘Hanggang Dito Na Lang.’ 

The mellow pop song was composed by Roxanne E. Fabian and is about finding ways on how to cope deal with a heartbreak and move on from a broken relationship.

Arra poured all her efforts into her latest single. 

“GMA Playlist has provided me with a singing coach who made everything so much easier during the recording,” she says. 

“Also, inaral kong mabuti ang song, its melody and its lyrics, para ma-feel ng listeners when they hear it na naisapuso ko talaga ang nilalaman ng buong kanta.”

What is her inspiration behind the song? 

“Gusto ko ng mga sentimental na kanta, kasi gusto kong maramdaman ng listener yung sense of belongingness kapag pinapakinggan siya. 

"With mellow, sad songs, it connects us with our audience. For some reason, it is some kind of therapy. 

"It moves us and warms up our hearts, making us feel vulnerable at mas maraming nakaka-relate. 

"I enjoy emotional songs and would like to share my interest with others too.”

Arra is truly happy to be be given the chance to venture into recording aside from acting. 

“I’m so happy to be given this kind of opportunity because I’ve always loved music. God has given us the gift of music to share and relate with. 

"At yung mga taong palaging naniniwala sa’kin na pinag-pray na magkaroon ako ng sarili kong kanta, para sa kanila itong ginagawa ko.”

Arra’s single debuted at the second spot on the iTunes chart, and the official hashtag #HanggangDitoNaLangArra reached the third spot in the trending list on the day of its release. 

Catch ‘Hanggang Dito Na Lang’ now available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide. 

For more updates on your favorite Kapuso stars, visit www.gmanetwork.com

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Aug 4, 2022


RK BAGATSING is so happy to be reunited with Maja Salvador in the sitcom “Oh My Korona” that starts on TV5 this Saturday, 7:30 PM.  

“I had so much fun working with Maja in our show five years ago sa ABS-CBN, ‘Wild Flower’,” he says. 

“Our relationship as Ivy Aguas and Mayor Arnold is an intense love-hate kind of affair, puno ng galit at paghihiganti, but viewers liked it. Nagmarka talaga sa kanila.”

Their fans felt sad when the show ended and they didn’t end up in each other’s arms. 

“A lot of people are asking us as to when we’d team up again. Followers of the show would make videos of us, clipping together our intense scenes from the show and sending them to us. 

"That was in 2017 pa and ngayon lang kami nagkasama uli sa ‘Oh My Korona’ and it’s now very light, puro fun and laughter lang, puro good vibes. We’re actually enjoying doing the show, puro tawanan, bungisngisan lang kami sa taping.”

RK and Maja say this is their gift to the fans of their tandem who’ve been asking them to work together again. 

“Heto na nga, magkasama na kami in ‘Oh My Korona’ and they say maganda ang chemistry namin dito. She plays Lablab, na unang kita ko pa lang, crush ko na. 

"Ako naman si Tim, pamangkin ni Joey Marquez na may ari ng talent agency. Gusto niyang kuning talent niya bilang artista si Maja as Lablab pero ayaw naman nito kasi hate niya ang showbiz dahil she believes nasira ang family niya kasi artista ang parents niya.”

“Oh My Korona” is Maja’s first sitcom. 

“At ako rin, first sitcom ko rin ito. So pareho kaming tumatawid from drama to comedy and we have to adjust, kasi pareho kaming mas nasanay sa drama.  

"So now, we just let go and have fun. Dapat galingan namin kasi puro magagaling na comedians ang kasama namin dito like Tsong Joey Marquez, Kakai Bautista, Pooh, at iba pa.”

How is it doing comedy with Maja for the first time? 

“Maja is very collaborative. Kung ano ang ibinibigay niya sa akin sa eksena, yun mismo ang binibigyan ko ng reaction. So far, good vibes kaming lahat sa show.”

Maja butts in at this point. 

“Ang maganda kay RK, lagi siyang nagtatanong. Kumusta, anong tingin mo sa ginawa natin sa eksena? Naghihingi siya ng feedback at kung mali ang ginawa niya, tinatanggap niya. Hindi siya natatakot na mapahiya.”

“I’ve always appreciated Maj for all her honest views,” says RK in return. 

“Hindi lang naman siya kundi lahat ng kasama namin dito sa show, I appreciate everyone’s generosity kapag nagtatanong ako about comedy and sina Tsong Joey, Kakai and Pooh, they’re very helpful sa akin in my first sitcom. I’m happy to be working with all of them.”

Maja says they have good team work in the show. 

“Lahat, may effort na pagandahin ang show. Noong una, akala nila,  mahihirapan ako, but sa totoong buhay, ako ang clown, e. Masayahin talaga ako. 

"And after ‘Wildflower’ and ‘Killer Bride’ na lagi akong nagagalit, welcome sa akin ang comedy like ‘Oh My Korona’. 

"Pero at the start, feeling ko ang stiff ng katawan ko. Kailangang baliin ko talaga para ilabas ang totoong funny Maja. 

"‘Oh My Korona’ is about dreams and hopes of showbiz hopefuls, so kahit comedy, may kurot pa rin sa puso ang kuwento.”

What can she say now that some folks say she’s the queen of TV5? 

“I’m thankful sa Cignal and TV5 for their support, but dito lang naman sa Pilipinas importante ang ganyang mga titulo. 

"I’m grateful ako kung ganun ang tingin nila sa akin, pero title lang yan, mas gusto ko na mas maalala sana nila ako as a talent na kahit anong project ang ibigay sa akin, I give my 1,000 percent lagi para mapasaya natin ang audience.”

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‘SLEEP WITH ME’ is a queer series on iWant TFC starring Janine Gutierrez and Lovi Poe, written and directed by Samantha Lee, an independent Filipino filmmaker who earlier did two LGBT coming-of-age films. 

“Baka Bukas” (2016) is an entry in the Cinema One Filmfest. It stars Jasmine Curtis Smith as Alex, a 23-year old gay woman who has come out of the closet to most people but, ironically, not to her best friend, Jess (Louise de los Reyes), with whom she’s been secretly in love since they were children.

“Emma and Billie” (2018) stars Zar Donato as a city girl who gets exiled in her aunt’s hometown and meets Gabby Padilla as Emma, with whom she falls in love, but it turns out Emma is already pregnant. 

Both films bring awareness on the complexities of gender identity, coming out and same sex relationships. 

Lee continues her mission to bring more queer love stories on screen in “Sleep With Me” but now, it’s not a movie but a six-part mini-series. 

It just bagged the Audience Award for Best Episodic in the Outfest LGBTQ Film Festival in Los Angeles.  

The series is a collaboration between Project 8 Projects, Dreamscape Entertainment and iWantTFC, and produced by the very prolific team of Dan Villegas and Antoinette Jadaone. It will premiere on Aug. 15.

Janine Gutierrez plays Harry, a DJ at a radio station who hosts a graveyard shift program about people with relationship problems. 

Lovi Poe is Luna, a science writer. She’s given that name (Luna means Moon) as she’s an insomniac who’s awake all night and only sleeps at daybreak.

We saw the first two episodes in its press preview and it’s very involving because both Lovi and Janine give first rate, totally engaging performances. 

When we first meet Lovi as Luna, she just broke up with her boyfriend who’s trying his best to reconcile with her.

As for Janine, she lives with her younger brother and is wheelchair bound. We don’t know how she lost use of her legs but when someone inquired about it, she jestingly says she was attacked by a shark. 

She works as a DJ and she’s very good in her job as she easily connects with people. She has just parted ways with her girlfriend. 

Just like in heterosexual romcoms, they have a meet-cute scene. Lovi helps a very assertive girl get her prize for a contest she won in Janine’s show so she goes to Janine’s radio station. 

Later Janine announces on radio that she has a crush on Lovi, so they have a first date eating mami noodles. 

The preview ends with the scene where they first kiss each other and the kilig it brings is quite electrifying on screen. 

You’d really believe that Lovi and Janine genuinely feel something for each other and they don’t have current real life boyfriends. 

We felt so bitin that we now want to watch all the rest of the future episodes. 

This is Samantha Lee’s most commercial work, what with two big name stars and very talented award-winning actresses in the lead roles.  

Production values are way above average, specially the gorgeous cinematography (specially the night scenes) and the exceptional musical score. 

Don’t miss “Sleep with Me” when it starts airing on iWant TFC on August 15.

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Aug 3, 2022


MAJA SALVADOR is starting a new comedy show about people dreaming of making it big in showbusiness, “Oh My Korona”.  

This is the second big original show TV5 has launched this month after the movie serye, “Suntok sa Buwan”, starring Aga Muhlach and Elijah Canlas in a moving father-and-son story. 

Maja will play Lavinia, nicknamed Lablab, a beautiful former hotel manager who’s currently out of work.

Her dream is to go abroad and manage a big hotel there.

In the meantime, she gets a big surprise when her late mother turned out to have left her a boarding house called the Korona Residences that she can now manage. 

The boarding house is populated by people who are dreaming and aspiring to hit it big in showbusiness. 

But it turns out it is Maja as Lablab who will be discovered by a big talent manager who offers to launch her in showbiz. 

But Maja herself is not enthusiastic about it. 

Earlier, she has vowed not to ever join tinseltown as she believes showbiz ruined her mom’s life and her father who abandoned them is a former actor. 

“Isinusumpa talaga ng character ko ang showbiz, pero heto, the irony of it, siya ang na-discover at pinipilit mag-artista,” says Maja.

“Oh My Korona” is a project for TV5 of Maja’s own Crown Artists Management with her boyfriend Rambo Nunez who says the idea for the show was hatched during the pandemic and they aim to entertain people specially during these challenging times we’re living in. 

After doing so many dramatic soaps like her recently concluded “Nino Nina”, this is Maja's first sitcom meant to showcase her versatility as an actress. 

Of course, no one can question her dancing skills as she is just amazing in her dance sequences in “Eat Bulaga”.

 But now, her comedic skills can also no longer be questioned as she displays excellent comic timing in “Oh My Korona”. 

We’ve seen the show’s first episode and she really stands out in her hilarious comic scenes.

Supporting Maja in “Oh My Korona” are Joey Marquez as Louie, the former actor who is now the manager of the Sunrise Talent Agency and wants to recruit Maja; RK Bagatsing as King Bautista, Joey’s 's godson and assistant who becomes Maja's love interest. 

Playing the five boarders who all dream of hitting it big in showbiz are Kakai Bautista as Marga, the has been actress who is still feeling diva and helping send her brother to school; Pooh as Gerry, who aspires to be a stuntman; 

Thou Reyes as Kobe, a former child star and wannabe rapper; Christine Samson as Layla, the sexy spaghetti vlogger; and Jai Agpangan as Betchay, the retoke girl who’s addicted to cosmetic enhancements.  

Also in the cast are Queenay Mercado as Emilia, an epal na Marites in the boarding house; Guel Espina as JM, as aspiring K-pop idol; and Jessie Salvador (real life sister of Maja) as JC, a sexy secretary. 

This is under the direction of Ricky Victoria (a veteran comedy director who started with "Tropang Trumpo") and will start its telecast to spread good vibes this Saturday, August 6, at 7:30 PM.

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CHARO SANTOS of ANIMA’s ‘Kun Maupay Man It Panahon’  (Whether The Weather is Fine) wins best actress at the 70th FAMAS Awards. 

Directed by Carlo Francisco, the film is produced by ANIMA and continues to harvest accolades after Kapamilya actress and executive Charo Santos’ victory at the 70th Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Awards, held at the Metropolitan Theater in Manila on July 30. 

Santos bagged the Best Actress award, one of the top trophies at the annual awards, winning over Sharon Cuneta for “Revirginized,” Janine Gutierrez for “Dito At Doon,” and Maja Salvador for “Arisaka.”

“One of our goals is to uplift  the lives of our fellow Filipinos through arts and culture by use of film,” says Charo. 

“With ‘Kun Maupay Man It Panahon,’ I am proud to say that with or without all its accolades, it has already achieved this and done so much more including championing regional cinema since it was filmed using the Waray language. Thank you for all your trust, support and love.” 

Other than the Best Actress award, the film also won Best Production Design and was nominated in 10 other categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Musical Score, Best Editing, Best Sound, and Best Visual Effects. 

Manatad’s feature directorial debut tells the story of three individuals–played by Santos, Rans Rifol and Daniel Padilla– fighting for survival in the wake of devastating Super Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) in 2013, as they searched for their missing loved ones and tried to move forward.

Produced by Cinematografica, Plan C, House on Fire of France, iWantTFC, Dreamscape, ANIMA, Blacksheep, Quantum Films, AAND Company of Singapore, KawanKawan Media of Indonesia, Weydemann Bros. of Germany and CMB Film Services, the film aims to raise awareness on the drawbacks of extolling “Filipino resilience” amid catastrophic times.

“I’ve hit a milestone in my career when I did ‘Kun Maupay Man It Panahon’ since it is my first feature film, and more than anything, I just feel very grateful to everyone who has been a part of this journey,” says Direk Carlo. 

“As we intend to shed light on social issues that exist in our national communities through film, there’s no other group of people I would rather share this privilege with than them.”

At the 2021 Metro Manila Film Festival last December, ANIMA, KROMA Entertainment Inc.’s film production outfit, also submitted ‘Kun Maupay Man It Panahon’ as its official entry.

It bagged several awards including 2nd Best Picture, Jury Prize Award for Daniel Padilla, Best Actress for Charo Santos, Best Supporting Actress for Rans Rifol, Best Visual Effects, Best Production Design, and the Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Award.

Since then, the film has gone through more than 40 festivals abroad including the Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland and the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. 

Visit ANIMA’s official website at www.anima.ph to discover more of the production studio’s award-winning filmographand other works.

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