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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.

Nov 13, 2023



ONE ADVANTAGE offered by streaming channels is that they show foreign films from various countries not normally released in theaters. Thanks to streaming, we have seen some good films made in Spain, Italy, France, South America, Middle East, etc.

We’ve just seen “Burning Betrayal” on Netflix, an erotic drama from Brazil that seems to have been inspired by the hit sex movie “365 Days”, the much hyped Polish skin flick that had two sequels and was also influenced by the Hollywood soft porn franchise “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  

These movies, more than anything else, are a showcase for actors willing to display their well toned bodies in sex scenes that leave little to the imagination, just like our own streaming channel, Vivamax. 

Breasts and totally nude male and female backsides have become a staple in these movies.

Oral sex is liberally suggested as well as various positions of heterosexual love making. But no full frontal.

The central character is Barbara or Babi (Giovanna Lancellotti), a beautiful accountant who drives a big bike.

The movie starts with her riding her motorcycle  into a dark tunnel where she races with a mysterious biker whose face is not revealed on cam.  

Soon after that, we see her in a steamy sex scene with her muscled, heavily tattooed boyfriend, Caio (Micael Borges), who has been her boyfriend of five years and is definitely not the mysterious biker. 

They’re about to be wed, but during her bachelorette party, while she and her friends are having fun with a macho dancer, someone hands Babi a gift from an unknown sender. 

When she opens it, it’s full of photos showing Caio having sex with another woman. 

Babi discovers that Caio is shamelessly cheating on her for two years now. She is outraged, calls off their wedding and changes the color of her hair from blonde to dark. 

Her best friend Patty (Camilla de Lucas) and co-worker, Thiago (Bruno Montaleone), try to comfort Babi. She manages to pull herself together and wants to take revenge on Caio, who happens to be one of their company’s clients. They are currently helping him in an alleged case of money-laundering. 

Babi and Thiago once attended a hearing where Caio is required to appear in court. It turns out that the judge is a very good looking hot guy, Marco (Leandro Lima). 

She left an envelope at Marco’s office and has to return for it, so they officially get to meet each other. 

Babi joins a big bikers club and it so happens that Marco is also a member and so, they bike together to show some beautiful coastal scenery in Sao Paolo, where the film is set.

It’s easy to deduce that they will fall for each other so they can also have their own sex scenes where they display their nude hot bodies.

But is Marco the right choice this time? Someone warns her that Marco is mysterious and Marco himself tells her: “One day, I will tell you my story.”

The movie is the type that critics would call shallow, trashy and it’s true. 

But you don’t watch these movies expecting they’re of the arthouse variety.

It’s unabashed soft porn whose main aim is to show off the eye candy naked bodies of the actors in it who obviously do a lot more strenuous workouts than us ordinary mortals do. 

And if you’re the virtuous, religious type who shuns such viewing fare, it would be wise for you to avoid it totally.

But the movie is expertly mounted, with handsome production values and there’s a couple of twists in the plotting that makes the story a bit more intriguing.

The movie is directed by Diego Freitas, who did last year’s moving love story, “Beyond the Universe”, also streamed in Netflix.

Compared to that, “Burning Betrayal” has no pretensions and comes up front as just being a lusty escapade.