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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.

Jul 17, 2023



‘MY FAULT (CULPA MIA)’ is a Spanish movie (dubbed in English) that is a big hit on Amazon, so we got curious and watched it. 

It’s a young adult romantic-drama that is based on a Wattpad novel.

The story is about two step-siblings, Noah (Nicole Wallace) and Nick (Gabriel Guevara), who start so hostile to each other, but you know where this kind of love story is all going, right?

Nicole is sore that her mom, Rafaella (Marta Hazas), has gotten married again and this time to very wealthy man, William (Ivan Sanchez) who lives in a huge palatial mansion in a beautiful coastal city.

Noah is on her last year in high school and doesn’t want to leave their own home as it means she’ll be taken away from her boyfriend. 

She feels bad about it but, later on, she sees photos of the guy hooking up with her own best friend.

Nick is William’s wayward son who loves girls, illegal racing with fast cars, partying, and he quickly gets into fights.

 Both Nick and Noah are independent and have very strong personalities. 

The story has been done locally before in Mike de Leon’s “Hindi Nahahati ang Langit”.

Noah is proud and Nick is cocky, even arrogant, so they start on the wrong foot and clash right away on their first meeting.  

Nick gives Noah a ride when they have dinner with their parents, then end up ordering her to get off his car and leaving Noah stranded on the road, alone in the middle of nowhere.

But you know the drill. Their hearts soften up as they get to know each other better.

It turns out Noah’s tough stance is a defense mechanism as she has an abusive father. 

She personally witnessed how her dad beat up her mom. They only got a reprieve after her got jailed for some crime. 

Now, Noah seems to have a stalker who is making all sorts of threats on her on her cellphone. It’s easy to guess who this bad ass is as the culprit will be the perfect excuse to give the story some exciting action scenes complete with a chase sequence after Noah gets kidnapped by the surprise villain.

In between all the bickering of the two leads and the engineered action climax, we are treated to such cute scenes like Noah seeing a shirtless Nick kissing different girls in a party then licking tequila off their naked torsos. 

In a street race, she steals Nick’s expensive Porsche and drives it herself to win against some creepy thugs.

Despite the huge gap between them, it’s easy to feel the irresistible attraction between the two, with their raging hormones soon to ignite into fiery and unbridled passion. 

And yes, the film delivers when it comes to scenes of steamy love making with both leads having nude scenes of their own. 

The film has no lofty pretensions. It was obviously made for its built in audience, the fans of young adult romances so common on Wattpad. 

The movie ramps up a significant amount of heat and will remind you of the “After” novels that were also made into films.

Another similar film series is the “Through My Window” series of films (also Spanish) that is now on its 3rd film.

These films are really made for a certain market of young audiences and we somehow find them quite entertaining in a mindless way.  

It’s good the lead stars have their own charisma and they can burn up the screen as they embrace their sizzling love scenes with wild abandon.

There’s a suggestion of a sequel at the final scene that shows their parents disapproving of their relationship and promising to intervene and do something about it.