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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.

Mar 22, 2023




‘BABY BOY, BABY GIRL’ is the latest movie from Viva Films, the only local film company releasing movies in theaters regularly. 

Last week, they showed “Kunwari Mahal Kita”. This week, it’s “Baby Boy, Baby Girl” and next week, it’s “Working Boys 2: Choose Your Papa”.

We’ve seen “Baby Boy, Baby Girl” in its special premiere screening and it’s so different from the past films of Writer-Director Jason Paul Laxamana, most of which have very sad endings. 

This one has a very happy ending where the lead characters played by Marco Gumabao and Kylie Versoza gladly end up in each other’s arms.   

Marco and Kylie are really the primary reasons to watch this movie, simply because they’re both very pleasing eye candies, whether fully clothed or in various states of deshabille. 

They both have great bodies that they are not at all embarrassed to flaunt on the big screen.

The movie starts with Kylie as Josie, making home made leche flans as her livelihood. 

A friend asked her to work part time as an usherette in a charity event and she is surprised when Marco as Seb shows up in the affair to be a special guest that night.

It turns out they have a past three years ago and now, Marco makes overtures to Kylie, which she doesn’t resist and she ends up sleeping in Marco’s classy joint. 

She’s surprised that her ex-BF, a former janitor, now has a fairly luxurious lifestyle. 

Marco tells him he acquired it all from the dubious line of work called sugar dating.     

It turns out he has many matrons as his special sponsors. He says he just keeps them company and has no sex with them, but he is paid astronomical amounts. 

It all sounds very incredible for someone living a very ordinary, sheltered life like us. But okay, let’s buy it. 

So Kylie gets interested and Marco becomes her mentor on how to go about it.  

Soon, Kylie finds her own sugar daddy, an AM radio station manager played by Rey Abellana, who gives her all sorts of expensive gifts. 

But you know what usually happens in this kind of romantic vehicle. 

The ex-sweethearts discover that they still carry the torch for each other. 

Kylie tries to deny it as she’s enjoying her current affluence and has no plan of returning to her former hand to mouth existence. 

But again, it’s easy to guess that, eventually, love conquers all. 

The dialogue-driven movie meanders this way and that, with very talky sequences full of blah-blah-blah making the pacing quite tedious. 

But thanks to Marco and Kylie, they really save the day for the movie. 

That scene alone where they are stretched out scantily clad in bed in their very revealing underwear will surely be worth the price of admission for some viewers. 

Two guest actresses also make it worth watching. They both appear in only one long sequence each, but they manage to give stand out performances. 

First is Yayo Aguila as Marco’s long lost mom. It turns out Marco has serious mommy issues and finally, they pour their hearts out to each other and make a connection.  

The other one is Marissa Sanchez, who is better known as a singer-comedian. 

But in this movie, she does a very serious dramatic scene and hurdles it with flying colors.  

She goes to visit Kylie and turns out to be wife of Rey Abellana.

She has this confrontation scene with Kylie. It’s a very quiet one, no recriminations. 

She says she just wants to see why her husband is neglecting her and their two children. 

She touches Kylie’s face and acknowledges the fact that Kylie is very beautiful. 

Then she goes out and soon, Kylie hears a commotion in the corridor outside her room. 

It turns out Rey arrived and Marissa has a nervous breakdown while confronting him. 

This scene triggers Kylie’s recollection of a similar scene that previously happened to her and Marco, which helps her arrive on a very crucial decision. 

Both Kylie and Marco give splendid performances as Josie, the baby girl, and Seb, the baby boy. 

Watch the film to see that they most certainly deserve more demanding dramatic vehicles than just being eye candies in movies like “Baby Boy, Baby Girl”.