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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.

Oct 18, 2022



VIVAMAX BOMBSHELL ANGELA MORENA gives her best performance so far in her first solo movie, “Tubero”. 

And she has never been as beautifully photographed as she is in this film, with her morena good looks so stunningly ravishing on the big screen. 

We asked her in the Q&A if she’d still be willing to play supporting roles now that she has shown she can be good in a leading role.

“Para naman sa akin, okay lang to still do both supporting and lead roles, basta maganda ang role at ang project,” she says. “I trust Viva sa future projects na ibibigay nila sa akin.”

In “Tubero”, she plays Paula, an assistant professor and aspiring book writer who has been living in for five years with her fiancee, Logan (JC Tan), a seaman. 

Logan complains that she’s such a big bore in bed as she doesn’t even moan or react with passion to his lovemaking. 

She wants to reciprocate his affection and when he leaves again for abroad, an old plumber who repairs her leaking kitchen sink refers him to a “tubero” who turns out to be not a plumber at all but a paid escort, Gimo (Vince Rillon). 

She agrees to go to bed with Gimo so he can teach her how to properly satisfy her partner. 

She reaches new highs in sexual pleasure while Gimo works on her and it’s easy to easy that this kind of set up can only lead to a messy situation as they naturally develop mutual feelings for each other. 

What is supposed to be a one time deal turns out to be a regular assignation with Gimo, who is very open about his love for her. 

We asked Angela in the presscon that followed the film’s Gateway screening if she would do what she did in the movie in real life. 

“You mean, get a mentor to teach me how to give pleasure to my partner?” she says. 

“No, kasi it’s cheating pa rin. Kung nagkakaintindihan naman kayo ng partner mo, you can just work it out by yourselves.”  

And that’s exactly our sentiment, too. 

Which is why it’s hard for us to accept the film’s basic premise, no matter how hard the script tries to make it all appear convincing to viewers. 

We just cannot believe that it would be so easy for a smart, sensible career woman to get an outsider, a guy she doesn’t really know, and quickly hop into bed with him supposedly to teach her how to satisfy her current partner. 

Anyway you look at it, she’s just asking for trouble. 

But if you’re willing to suspend your disbelief, then you can appreciate the movie for its obligatory signature Vivamax sex sequences that are given in liberal helpings. 

Angela is shown pleasuring her own self twice. First while in the shower during the opening credits and later, in bed, while having phone sex with Vince Rillon. 

She has unabashed bed scenes with both Vince and newcomer JC Tan, who’s definitely taller and hunkier than Vince, making him a welcome addition to the stable of Viva’s willing and able studs. 

He just have to take more acting workshops to refine his craft.

Aside from Angela, the other sexpots in the film, Alona Navarro as Angela’s randy best friend, and Jem Milton as the toy girl of JC Tan and his friends, also shed off all their clothes without inhibitions in their sizzling bed scenes with assorted hunks. 

Vince also has a bed scene with an unnamed matron, an unsatisfied customer because he cannot get it up for her as he’s thinking of Angela while servicing her.  

In all fairness to Director Topel Lee, the sexual matches are all imaginatively blocked and photographed, except for that scene where Angela hits JC Tan with a big faucet wrench that lacks significant impact, and yet when JC is shown lying on the floor, he is already soaked in a pool of his own blood.     

With “Tubero”, Angela now has an edge over her two sisters who also do sex flicks for Viva, Stephanie and Micaela Raz.  Don’t miss “Tubero” when it premieres on Vivamax this Friday, October 21.