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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.

Sep 7, 2022



DENNIS MARASIGAN started with theatre but he has since directed some serious drama films like “Sa North Diversion Road”, “Tukso”, “Vox Populi” and “Anatomy of Corruption”. 

He now forays into sexy Vivamax territory, writing and directing “#DoYouThinkIAmSexy?”, about a website that sells sex on the internet with alluring cam girls.

The film’s focus is on Charlize (Cloe Barreto, who’s just been seen in “Tahan” and “The Influencer”), a college student who finances her studies and her needy family by working as a cam girl in the #doyouthinkiamsexy.com website. Online, she uses the screen name Elle.

One of her regular clients is Trystan (Marco Gomez), who is so enamoured with her as Elle. 

It so happens that in one of her subjects, Trystan turns out to be Charlize’s instructor and he quickly recognizes her as his favorite cam girl.

Trystan then tries to take advantage of Charlize and blackmails her. 

If she wouldn’t agree to his whims, then he’d flunk her in his class. He asks her to come to his apartment then rapes her.  

Charlize files a complaint against him to the school authorities, but instead of reprimanding him, she is the one who is shamed and ordered to leave their school to transfer somewhere else. 

She then plans how to get even with him. 

The movie complies with the usual tropes expected in a Vivamax movie, with all its nudity and sex scenes. 

Cloe Barreto shows her everything in her final scene. But it turns out not to be your typical sex flick but is actually a revenge movie.

The abused Cloe plots out how to get even with her sleazy, wicked teacher, who turns out to be dumb enough to fall into her trap.

He agrees to meet her again and the movie takes a very dark turn as Cloe turns into a real bad ass avenger without mercy.

If you’ve seen the movie “Silab”, what she does to Marco Gomez in the slasher ending of that movie, she does it again to him here to prove that yes, lightning strikes twice! 

It shows that revenge is a dish best served with a very sharp razor for cutting off nasty appendages and it’s needed to re-establish one’s self worth!

Cloe Barreto continues to hone well her craft in front of the camera. 

In both “Tahan” and “The Influencer”, she plays deranged characters who does the most psychotic things. 

Here she is a well-meaning young woman who finances all her family’s needs and wants to get a college education despite her shady job as a cam girl. 

Early on, it is established that she’s a real fighter. A girl in the boarding house where she lives always tries to put one over her. 

She didn’t let the nasty boarder get away with her mischief easily and gives her the comeuppance she truly deserves. 

She also gets back at a vagrant who earlier snatched away her cellphone. 

The film is told with a touch of humor. Wait until the end credits have rolled as there is a funny scene showing this vagrant watching Cloe in his cellphone.

The film has a subplot about the cam girls bonding together when self-appointed guardians of morality want to have their website banned. 

Their committed leader is played by Ava Mendez as Freya, who appears here fully clothed and looks so stunningly photogenic in every scene. 

Her story sounds interesting, but it ultimately takes a back seat to focus on Cloe’s revenge tale. 

The next time we hear about her, the problems faced by the cam girls have already been solved so easily. 

Maybe writer-director Dennis Marasigan should focus on the plight of these cam girls in another Vivamax movie.