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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.

Jan 20, 2022



‘HUGAS’ directed by Roman Perez Jr. is the most brazen release among Vivamax soft porn offerings since they started. 

This is a potent brew of sex and violence and Perez tops what he has done before in past Vivamax releases: “Taya”, “House Tour” and “Siklo”.

Lead stars AJ Raval and Sean de Guzman are both shamelessly all out in their nude scenes. No frontal but complete backsides and AJ’s boobies are given rampant exposure in many scenes. 

In one scene, after coitus, they are shown fully naked in bed with only their thighs covering each other’s private parts.

And the sex scenes come with full vigorous pumping motions, leaving very little to the imagination. Well, how do they top this? They have to level up and the next step would be to revive the pene movies of yore and display actual penetration. 

At the rate they’re going, we won’t be surprised if this would happen soon since there is no censorship at all for streaming platforms.

We never thought sex movies would be this successful, since hard core porn is now so easy to access on the internet on countless porn sites. And it’s all for free! 

But it looks like local audiences do not really care much anymore for Triple X outings with foreign porn stars.  

They obviously still prefer watching local hubaderas and hubaderos doing it in homegrown films. And this is exactly what Vivamax is wholeheartedly offering to them full blast. 

Now, who among current Viva directors will be fearless enough to go ahead and be the first one to do a movie with an out and out fornication scene?

The filmmakers who have done blatant sex scenes in Vivamax flicks are Brillante Mendoza, Mac Alejandre, Lawrence Fajardo, Darryl Yap, GB Sampedro and Jeffrey Hidalgo. But we are placing our bets on Roman Perez Jr. 

His fast paced films that combine love making with blood and gore have a wild energy and frenetic camerawork that you cannot find in the works of the other directors. He apparently loves all the sex and violence that he’s doing. 

When it comes to mayhem, it would be difficult to top the climax of “Siklo” which is a veritable blood bath with a high body count. 

Most of the victims are wearing white as they’re members of a religious cult and it looks like that is what Perez wants to happen to such hypocrites who deceive their gullible followers.

And his sex scenes can really be erotic. Tatablan ka! We cannot say the same for the other Vivamax movies we have seen. 

The narrative of Perez’ films can sometimes also be dumbfounding. The startling twists in “Siklo” (specially in the character of lead actor Vince Rillon) are the kind that local moviegoers go for, since they cannot predict the staggering transgressions in the outrageous plotting. 

In “Hugas”, you’d think a character has died and the film will have an unhappy ending, but the character suddenly reappears to give the movie the obligatory upbeat conclusion that audiences expect. The car chase scenes here with lots of gunfights are also well staged.

Perez’ movies also has some serious religious overtones, like the way he parodies the greedy fake preachers in “Siklo” and the Bible-quoting bad guys in "Hugas" who pray before and after they commit their heinous crimes. 

Even now, we can already see Perez making his characters pray the rosary before they start to fornicate. And after they have a solemn communion with the Lord, then they will do actual penetration with much alacrity. 

And after magtampisaw sila sa putik ng pagkakasala, then we will see them later on going to the confessional to ask forgiveness for being weak mortals who cannot resist giving in to their mundane desires. That will be the movie’s solemn redeeming factor. Perfect as a Holy Week offering.

Just a word of unsolicited advice. If ever they’d do pene, just make sure the actors are both really good looking and well endowed. 

This must be specially true in the case of the guy. Because if he’s just Reggie Regalado (gosh, haven’t heard that word that means “regular” for so long) then the bashers will just have a heyday in making fun of him for displaying his duty-free shortcomings.

So come on, Vivamax, we dare you, let’s do it!