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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.

Oct 28, 2015

After Having A Child With Married Man Cedric Lee, Vina Morales Gets Into Another Messy Relationship

WHAT HAS Vina Morales gotten herself into again? It's common knowledge she has a daughter with the controversial Cedric Lee of Vhong Navarro-Deniece Cornejo fame. Cedric is very much married with kids and she came out like the number 2 in their relationship. Recently, she admitted she has a new BF but she wants to keep him private. It turns our her beau, a Frenchman named Marc Lambert, just sired a daughter with Avi Siwa, a model and former FHM cover girl who once claimed she's bisexual in a short-lived TV show, "Out", about gays that she hosted on GMA-7. Avi has posted some derogatory revelations about Vina in her social media account and we're sure Vina will not be pleased about it. Here are some of the posts that are self explanatory and which we abbreviated because they're kilometric. It seems Vina thought Marc has called it quits with Avi, but Avi denies this:

“NO, we didn't just break up, me & Marc are hooking up during the 9 months (of her pregnancy) so you were fooled. NO, you don't know everything abt me & Marc so stop talking like u do, just based on some emails. Why dont u instead spend your time caring for Ceana [name of Vina's daughter] instead of trying to be d ultimate desperate (literally) housewife. Yes, we know you're 40 years old & desperately needing a husband who can take ur shit because no one wants to, makes a lot of sense."

Another post of Avi says: “@vina_morales I changed my mind. Stay d hell out of my parenting w/ MARC LAMBERT. Ur a new girlfriend & u don't have any right to tell me how I should deal w/ this. Even if u get a ring on ur finger, u have no right to stand between my child & her Dad. Don't bring your insecurities in my social media. But if u like to embarrass urself more, go ahead pls do so & I'll spill here how your fans are so wrong abt their 'goodie-two-shoes' idol. You're no angel, & I surely am not one too - it takes one to know one - so pls stop trying to look innocent to Marc to get him to the altar, we can smell your stink miles from here. You are flipping out w/a small cropped photo of Marc, saying I can't post his photo w/ his child & then stopping his visitation to his daughter because he wasn't @ your birthday. Then sending nasty comments here & then saying u want to meet my child. You are d biggest plastic loser I've ever met. I don't buy ur
lies, & NO we don't have the same story - u've been spoiled by Cedric during ur pregnancy & got paid good support while I was alone all throughout mine w/ support not as huge as yours - so be grateful. So let me be d one to give u a 'very friendly reminder', know ur position (you're only 2 months w/ Marc), recognize AVI SIWA the mother of ur current BF's child is NO SUCKER & don't stop Marc again from seeing his child. If your game is destroying families, then u made the wrong move on destroying mine. Don't u ever talk to me that way again. Watch what u say next if u don't want the whole country knowing your dirty little secrets Ms. Pa-Innocent Face. You're disgusting."

There are other posts but from the above alone, you'll more or less already get the picture. Looks like Vina has gotten herself into another messy relationship as Avi is a combative type, very palaban and not afraid to display her dirty linen in public. It'll be recalled that this also happened before when she fell in love with Robin Padilla, who she didn't know was then already very much married to Liezl Sicangco. As one newshen quipped: "Hindi ba siya puede kumuha ng lalaking walang sabit?"