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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.

Mar 21, 2013

Official statement of Heart's parents: Chiz Escudero has personality defect while Heart Evengelista needs psychiatric treatment

BELOW is the official statement of Heart Evangelista's parents they titled "Why Our Family Rejects Chiz Escudero". As they say, the plot thickens. It'll be recalled that Sen. Miriam Santiago was the one who acted as matchmaker in introducing Heart to Chiz. Now, we're told she has sided with Heart's parents and even helped in writing this statement. We bet Chiz didn't foresee any of this coming when he chose to have someone from showbiz as his new girlfriend. As he himself has said "politics and showbiz don't mix for him."

"Our entire family is mortified over statements to the media made by our daughter Heart, defending her lover, Francis Escudero, during our feud with the latter.

"We believe that we have a right to defend ourselves against unfair accusations made by Heart, under the dictation of Chiz, who clearly wrote the letter signed by Heart and published by a mo­vie columnist.
"Chiz, who is a lawyer, is 44 and previously married. Heart, who has not finished high school, is 28 years old, the youngest child, and previously the baby of her parents.

"Chiz is unacceptable to our family, for the following reasons:

"#1 Religious Reason. Chiz obviously has a personality defect. His wife, with whom he has two children, left him for reasons that have been the talk of Metro Manila.

"Chiz and his wife obtained a civil annulment. Thus, under the rules of the Catholic church to which my family belongs, Chiz is disqualified to remarry, unless he obtains a Church annulment.

"#2 Personality Problem. Chiz is surrounded by unsavory gossip which has already reached social media.
"The cause of his annulment and his peculiar habits are swirling over his head, and he has ne­ver bothered to explain himself.

"He projects himself as a wholesome candidate, but we know better.

"We challenge Chiz to stop dictating to our daughter. Stop hiding behind the skirts of Heart and stop using her as an armor to shield yourself from very serious questions about your character and personality.

"#3 Alcoholic. The first time Chiz visited our home, we saw that he was drunk and he smelled of alcohol.

The second time he went to our fa­mily home, he was again drunk, carrying a bottle of red wine.

"During both visits, he hardly spoke a respectful word. He sat slumped in a chair with his legs spread outward.
"He has never formally asked for our daughter's hand, or explained how he will support her and his wife at the same time.

"#4 Illusions. According to Heart, Chiz has promised her that he will become President by 2016, and then she will be addressed as 'First Lady.'

"The staff of Chiz sometimes addresses him as Mr. President. This is pure seduction, because we believe Chiz does not stand any chance to become President or Vice-President, owing to his secret character.

"Furthermore, he once boasted to Heart that he runs a lucrative law office, and that a multinational is poised to pay his law firm over P200 million a year for lawyering for the multinational.

"One more boast of Chiz is that he has already the guaranteed financial contribution of a businessman who has been listed among the ten billionaires of the Philippines, but who is under investigation by the Senate.
"Heart believes all these claims made by her boyfriend, without any evidence.

"#5 Opportunism. Chiz has virtually moved into the condo unit owned by Heart. He uses her Mercedes Benz at will, particularly during night time, indicative of her own disturbed personality.

"Heart encourages this behavior from Chiz, as she did with the rest of her prior boyfriends. She has been diagnosed as a needy personality, but she refuses psychiatric treatment.

"#6 Case vs. Chiz. Because of Heart's naiveté, I have been compelled to act as her talent ma­nager. We recently signed Heart's contract with a certain TV channel.

"Now, Chiz is urging her to have my name removed as talent manager. All the acts of Chiz indicate that his public persona is far different from his real character.

"My husband and I are in the process of gathering evidence to prove that he is a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality, as suggested by a print columnist.

"Since our backs are pushed to the wall, we intend to file cases against Chiz: a criminal case for libel, for claiming that he is caught in the middle of a family feud; when the truth is, Chiz is the very source of our family feud.

"We might also file an additional criminal complaint for incriminating an innocent person.

"Furthermore we are going to file a civil complaint for damages under the Civil Code, which provides that a cause of action for damages is available against people like Chiz, for 'meddling with, or disturbing the private life of another.'

"Conclusion: People in show business know that although Heart is 28, she does not have the mature mind of someone of that age.

"She still thinks like a young girl. She is easily swayed by people who prey on her insecurities and lack of confidence. Heart has personality problems, and Chiz, who is also suffering from his own personality problem, is doing his best to confuse her, to the extent of alienating her affections against us.

"As soon as we have evidence that will stand in court, our family will disclose what kind of a man Chiz really is.
"Since he has inveigled Heart to take his side (which she has always done with all of her prior boyfriends, indicating how unstable she is) our family has decided to disown her scandalous behavior."