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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.

May 5, 2011

Babaeng Hampaslupa week 14 highlights

Explosive week on Babaeng Hampaslupa! Each episode is packed with revelations. Napakabilis ng takbo ng kuwento. Mare-reveal na sa lahat na buhay si George Wong (Freddie Webb) at fake na Elizabeth Wong si Stephanie (Karel Marquez). Tuluyan na kayang magbayad sa mga kasalanan nila sina Edward Wong (Eddie Garcia) at Katarina (Bing Loyzaga)? Matutuklasan na ba nina Charles (Jay Manalo) at Anastacia/Diana (Alice Dixson) na si Grace (Alex Gonzaga) ang tunay nilang anak?


- Grace (Alex Gonzaga) hears about Andrew (Martin Escudero) and Elizabeth’s (Karel Marquez) wedding

- Edward (Eddie Garcia) blames the bomb on Katarina (Bing Loyzaga). He aims a gun at her. She tells him that it might be George’s (Freddie Webb) ghost responsible for the bomb

- William (Christian Vasquez) confesses to Helena (Susan Roces) that he sent the bombs through Emma

- Harry (Wendell Ramos) at the Charity Ball. He shoots Anastacia’s (Alice Dixson) seatmate

- Katarina tells Harry that if he fails to kill Anastacia again, she will personally kill Anastacia instead

- George wakes up from a dream about getting shot, he struggles to remember who shot him

- Charles (Jay Manalo) brings a shaken Anastacia home. They meet Harry. Charles notices gunpowder on Harry’s sleeve

- Charles considers transferring George to another location

- Adrian (Joseph Bitangcol) extorts money from Elizabeth

- Anastacia is told that she might have been the real target of the shooting, advises her to be more careful

- Grace tells Nato (Alwyn Uytingco) that she and Andrew are not meant to be

- Andrew sees Elizabeth in a tight fitting outfit, questions her about her pregnancy

- George and Grace dance. George sees her pendant again. He remembers flashes of memory but suffers from a seizure



- Nato asks Grace if she still loves Andrew

- Elizabeth tells Jong about Adrian. Jong tells her that he will handle everything

- Charles warns Anastacia about Harry

- Jong drives a car and hits Adrian

- Elizabeth tells Anastacia that Andrew is always getting drunk

- Andrew tells Anastacia that he will marry Elizabeth even if he loves Grace but he will make it clear that life will be hell for both of them

- Epang (Susan Africa) decides to return and tell the truth about Katarina’s hand in Dora’s (Ann Villegas) murder

- Andrew calls Grace to tell her that he loves her and that he will never bother her again

- Grace comes to Andrew and Elizabeth’s wedding, she leaves unable to witness it

- George wakes up and tells Helena that Elizabeth is a fake. They hurry to the wedding to stop it

- Adrian arrives at the wedding to tell that he is the father of Elizabeth’s baby

- George and Helena arrive at the wedding to the surprise of everyone. George proclaims Elizabeth as a fraud.



- George exposes the truth about the fake Elizabeth, Stephanie, who does not tell on Katarina’s involvement in her plan to pretend as Elizabeth

- Grace worries about George revealing that he’s alive to Edward

- Anastacia slaps Elizabeth. Charles tells Elizabeth not to call him father. They tell her to leave

- Elizabeth begs Andrew to have pity on her but Andrew remains unwavering

- George and Helena confront Edward

- Anastacia confronts Helena about not telling her about George

- George tells Charles that they are returning to the mansion and that they are bringing Grace with them.

- George asks Grace for her pendant. Charles is surprised with what he sees and questions Grace about her parents

- Harry quits as Katarina’s hired killer

- George and his family arrive at the mansion with police in tow. They have Katarina and Edward escorted out of the house

- Helena tells Anastacia that it might be time to reveal that she’s Diana

- Katarina and Edward talk. Edward severs ties with her

- Andrew attempts to talk to Grace but Nato interferes

- Elizabeth goes back to her life with Jong

- Anastacia oversees the cases filed against Edward. He receives a subpoena and later a warrant of arrest

- Elizabeth angrily confronts Grace



- Grace answers Elizabeth back

- Epang arrives and tells Helena about what she knows about Katarina’s involvement in Dora’s kidnapping

- Elizabeth suffers a miscarriage

- Anastacia tells Harry that a witness has surfaces attesting that Katarina was behind Dora’s kidnapping

- Edward is arrested

- Edward tells George that it was Katarina who shot him

- Grace and Epang are transferred to a bigger room at the mansion

- Charles and William are unable to locate the videotape

- Anastacia hires another killer to murder Anastacia

- Helena tells George that Katarina was behind Elizabeth’ kidnapping as a baby. George wants Katarina arrested

- Katarina’s hired killer talks to Harry and asks about Anastacia. Harry later kills the hired killer

- Elizabeth texts Andrew and begs that Anastacia and Charles talk to her. She has a confession to make

- Elizabeth tells Charles and Anastacia that it was Katarina who planned her assuming Elizabeth’s identity, also that she’s Katarina’s daughter

- Harry uploads the CCTV video online

- Anastacia admits to Charles that she’s Diana



- Charles tells Anastacia that they will search for their daughter together

- Charles and Anastacia sleep together

- Katarina calls Harry and accuses him of uploading the video

- Charles proposes to Anastacia, she accepts

- Nato confesses to William that he was there when Edward had Janet and Margaret killed

- Harry begs Anastacia to marry him instead, she declines

- Elizabeth experiences the hardship of returning to her poor life

- William visits Edward in jail, tells him that Nato is willing to stand as witness to implicate Edward

- Nato tells Grace that he brought her a house

- Harry goes back to Katarina. He wants revenge