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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.

Apr 6, 2011

Dwarfina Highlights – April 4 to 8

Monday (April 4)

Elvin finally escapes from the subasta and decides to convince Dwarfina to come with him back to the duwende world. He arrives in time to find Lyndon proposing to Yna and getting rejected. He then talks to Yna, tries to get her to come with him but Yna remembers what Romera’s powers made her believe – that Elvin is lying to him about the chaos in duwende world, he just wants her with him because of Elvin’s feelings for Dwarfina.

Yna finally realizes how much Lyndon loves her, how he’s willing to take any risk just to be with her. Yna finally accepts Lyndon’s proposal. Lucille learns of their upcoming wedding and vows that she will do everything to prevent the two from being happy together.

DUWENDE WORLD: Marcial’s punishment has been decided. Hulyano and Romera present him to all of the duwendes for execution! Umberto tries to find a way to save him but to no avail. Marcial is executed.

Elvin cannot take Dwarfina’s rejection and refusal to help save the duwende world. He decides to take the matter in his own hands – Elvin kidnaps Dwarfina right before her wedding! Dwarfina begs Elvin to let her go, let her be happy in her own new life, and seeing how much it means to Dwarfina, he decides to let her go…

Tuesday (April 5)

DUWENDE WORLD: Elvin and Duwentukin head back to the duwende world, and find that Marcial has been executed in front of the whole duwende world. Elvin grieves his father’s death, blaming himself for not being able to come back in time to save him. Umberto learns that Dwarfina refused to come back with them, he decides to go and convince her himself.

Yna makes her way back to her wedding, Lyndon is relieved that Yna is safe. But Lucille comes to destroy their wedding; she will never allow Lyndon and Yna to be together. Lyndon foils her attempt to abduct and kill Yna. Lucille escapes, chased by police. She meets an accident and dies.

Lyndon and Yna’s wedding is finally taking place! But Umberto arrives to tell Yna the truth about the ordeal at the duwende world. Yna feels guilty for not believing Elvin in the first place, especially after learning about Marcial’s death and Abiana’s torture, but she stands by her decision to start a new life with her family. Umberto leaves, disappointed.

The wedding takes place, but Yna cannot say her vows. She feels that her being abnormally small may finally have a reason – that she can save the Abiana, Calixto and the whole duwende world from Romera and Hulyano.

Wednesday (April 6)

Dwarfina returns to the duwende world and heads to the palace to find Calixto and Abiana being tortured by Romera and Hulyano. She stands up to the two, saving the parents who raised her by taking the punishment herself. But Romera has other plans. Due to the silent revolution stirring up in duwende world, she loses half her servants. She decides to make Dwarfina, Calixto and Abiana slaves in the palace.

Hulyano makes Calixto fight for his life against a mighty gladiator, Paraw (Mike Magat). Paraw and his daughter, Zinya (Isabel Frial/Len Len of Bantatay), are new to the mound, seeking for a new life together where Paraw can provide for Zinya. But Hulyano kills Paraw in the fight, and little Zinya is devastated. She blames Dwarfina and her family for her father’s death.

Meanwhile, Elvin decides to lead the pack of rebel duwendes hiding from Romera and Hulyano. He wants to avenge his father’s death and regrets wasting her time on pursuing Dwarfina and convincing her that she is the mound’s ‘savior’ which led to his absence at his father’s execution. Along with Umberto, Duwentukin and Adon (Joseph Ison) (leader of the rouge duwende servants), they decide to break Calixto and Abiana free from their captivity at the castle.

The escape plan goes awry when Romera and Hulyano catch Dwarfina, Calixto and Abiana trying to get away. Romera hurts Calixto, who already managed to get past the castle walls and is trying to help Abiana and Dwarfina find their way out! Will they still manage to breakout?

MORTAL WORLD: Marissa and Kardo are trying to cope from Yna’s absence and receive news that Lucille has been in an accident and her body needs to be identified. Marissa finds it in her heart to finally forgive Lucille for trying to destroy her family.

Thursday (April 9)

Calixto manages to escape with Umberto, Elvin and the others’ help but gets injured in the process. Meanwhile, Abiana and Dwarfina get punished for trying to escape. Dwarfina makes sure that Abiana does not get hurt by Romera and Hulyano and takes all the punishment herself, for fear that in Abiana’s weakened state – she will not be able to survive the punishment. Dwarfina promises Abiana that she will find her a cure, and Abiana puts her hope in her.

Dwarfina tries to convince Gwendina to help her cure Abiana, but she refuses. Gwendina is trying to stop herself from feeling anything for the people who raised her, especially Abiana although Dwarfina sees through her façade. Still, Gwendina cannot help Abiana without earning Romera’s ire. She starts to have second thoughts about how her parents are being too hard on the former King and Queen.

Romera is angered by the still ongoing silent revolts in the duwende world, and takes in out on Abiana. She sees that Abiana is still regarded as the Queen of the mound, of the palace, and decides to use this against the duwendes. Romera orders Abiana to bow down before her in front of the whole mound and recognize her as Queen, or else she will be executed!

Dwarfina is devasted and tries to tell Abiana to just do what Romera wants to save her own life, reminding her of the cure that gave her hope that she could be well again. But Abiana does not heed Dwarfina’s plea, she knows she is the Queen, respected by all the duwendes in the mound, and her final act is to remind the duwendes to continue fighting for their freedom from Romera’s rule. Abiana is executed.

MORTAL WORLD: Buddy gives Lyndon a crazy idea – to follow Yna into the duwende world. Upon learning that duwendes have a thing for cute kids, Lyndon tries to use Buddy as bait. Buddy is shocked and scared upon finding out about Lyndon’s plan.

Friday (April 8)

Dwarfina is devastated by Abiana’s death, and so is the whole mound. Romera then sequesters the powers from all the duwendes, making sure that no one will use theirs against her. The duwende world starts being obedient and fearful of Romera and Hulyano, and they feel triumphant about it. Little did they know that executing Abiana made Gwendina question her parents’ cruel nature.

Calixto learns of Abiana’s death. He becomes inconsolable with grief and attempts to take his own life so that he can be rejoined with his wife, but Umberto, Elvin and the others convince Calixto that the mound and Dwarfina both still need him to win the war against Romera.

Dwarfina is comforted by little Zinya, who now begins to understand that Dwarfina and her family are not the culprits in the situation. Romera tries to make them both bend to her will but Dwarfina defends Zinya and stands up to Romera, a lesson she learned from the deceased Abiana. Dwarfina finds a way to escape from palace – magically using Abiana’s ring to help her break free – and takes Zinya with her. Along the way, they discover Zinya’s budding powers: she can make her audience mimic her movements when she dances. Dwarfina and Zinya successfully flee from the palace.

MORTAL WORLD: Buddy refuses to cooperate at first and tells Chloe, Estong and the rest about Lyndon’s crazy idea. He then begins to understand Lyndon’s sentiment and decides to forgive and help him. Flora tells Lyndon about the duwendes living in the junkshop, and calls her friend Igme, a magtatawas, to help Lyndon find their dwelling place. Lyndon learns that their sink is a portal to another duwende world and with Buddy’s help, they ‘offer’ candy balls to the duwendes, not knowing that the rolling candy balls will destroy Dwenstein’s ongoing party ; hurting the duwendes and destroying some stalls at Dwendesitas.