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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.

Apr 8, 2011

Babaeng Hampaslupa week 10 highlights

Big week for Babaeng Hampaslupa. Margaret dies, George Wong revealed to be alive, and the truth about Grace’s true identity is discovered by the enemies! Nandito na ang pinakaabangang mga rebelasyon sa dramaseryeng tinututukan ng maraming manonood.

 DAY 1

- Andrew (Martin Escudero) confronts Anastacia (Alice Dixson) about Grace’s (Alex Gonzaga) injury. Anastacia is furious. Later she tries to bribe Grace to leave Andrew

- Margaret (Sheila Marie Rodriguez) tells Helena (Susan Roces) about Edward (Eddie Garcia) keeping CCTV videos. Helena tells her to get a copy of the files

- Andrew grills Grace’s supervisor. The visor confesses that it was Elizabeth (Karel Marquez) who instructed him to order Grace to bring the wine to Andrew’s room

- Margaret successfully copies the video files

- Andrew confronts Elizabeth, admits that he was only ordered by Helena to befriend Elizabeth

- Elizabeth gets drunk, flirts with the bartender

- Helena watches the video, it’s only an animation. Margaret’s life is in danger. Helena warns her to leave the Wong mansion immediately

- Grace breaks up with Andrew

- Katarina (Bing Loyzaga) tells Edward that she heard Margaret talking to Helena


- Edward vows revenge against Margaret’s disloyalty

- Andrew convinces Grace to fight for their relationship

- Elizabeth wakes up from a one night stand

- Edward threatens Margaret, he informs her that he knows her alliance with Helena, he sends her off

- Elizabeth attacks Grace. Charles stops her. Anastacia arrives and tells Charles it is right to side with her daughter rather than the chambermaid. Charles states he sides with whoever is in the right

- Katarina hatches a plan to make Anastacia fall for Harry (Wendell Ramos) more

- Charles (Jay Manalo) comforts Grace after she was mauled by Elizabeth

- Margaret’s car blows up. Nato (Alwyn Uytingco) is rattled with the knowledge that it was Edward’s doing

- Harry shows Anastacia his fake sick daughter. He spins a sob story

- William (Christian Vasquez) shows herself to Helena. He tells her that they should give Margaret a proper wake

- Charles sees William near Windsor

- Anastacia gives Andrew two options. Who would he rather pick, his mother or Grace?


- Andrew picks Grace

- Charles chases after William. William tells him Margaret is dead

- Helena tells Anastacia that they have to end Edward so that no one else has to die

- Katarina tells Elizabeth that its better to play with your enemy’s emotion before you kill them. Elizabeth concocts a plan against Grace

- Elizabeth falsely reconciles with Grace. She asks Grace to help her mend her friendship with Andrew

- Andrew at his new pad, Grace tell him about Elizabeth having a change of heart

- Harry comforts Anastacia who is distraught after Andrew’s departure. He kisses her. Definitive moment when Harry realizes that he is slowly falling for Anastacia

- Helena, Charles and William forms an allegiance

- Grace and Elizabeth dinner. Elizabeth sees Grace’s pendant

- Anastacia goes to see and bribe Edward but it is Dora (Ann Villegas) whom she finds

- Charles shows William that George (Freddie Webb) is alive


- George revealed to be alive. William asks for forgiveness

- Anastacia panics when Dora recognizes her, she flees

- Elizabeth holds Grace’s pendant. Grace tells her of its history. Everything clicks together. Grace is the real Elizabeth

- Elizabeth tells Katarina about Grace

- Katarina goes to see Grace’s pendant for herself

- Dora goes to Windsor, talks to Helena. She says she has something to say to Diana about her missing daughter

- Tony Kho talks to Helena to investigate about the missing Margaret

- Katarina tells Edward about her suspicion that Grace is the real Elizabeth

- First flashback as to how the William-Margaret-Helena alliance was formed.

- Elizabeth discovers she’s pregnant

- Elizabeth tells Katarina about her predicament, her father, Jong, beats the bartender

- Grace requests Andrew to make peace with Elizabeth

- Elizabeth drugs Andrew and makes it appear that they had sex


- Dora admits to Epang that she took Diana’s baby

- Grace arrives at Andrew’s house and finds him unkempt. Andrew is evasive about what happened with Elizabeth

- William visits Margaret’s grave. Flashback on how they reconciled

- Charles tells William that they have to retrieve Margaret’s letter. Charles sneaks to the mansion to get it. Edward almost catches him but Charles manages to hide. He drops his glasses

- Anastacia tells Harry that Charles has a special place in her heart

- Charles, William and Helena reads Margaret’s letter

- Anastacia considers Harry. She thinks she should move on from Charles

- Anastacia tells Charles they have to stop seeing each other

- Nato finds Charles’ glasses

- Dora arrives. Anastacia leaves before Dora sees her. Dora talks to Charles. She tells him that it was she who took his daughter