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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.
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Nov 20, 2019

ai ai de las alas signing contract renewal with mr. bob co of hobe noodles

AI AI DE LAS ALAS is a judge in “The Clash” and now that the show has only 8 finalists, what does she think should be the primary reason for a contestant to win??

“Dapat, performance pa rin,” she says. “Kung minsan kasi, dahil sa back stories na galing sa hirap, o umiyak, nag-break down, hinimatay, maaawa ka, but then hindi naman charity work ang show so hindi dapat na emosyon ang pairalin mo. Paligsahan pa rin ito ng kung sino ang pinakamagaling kumanta. Kung sino yung pinakahalimaw talaga mag-perform to the highest degree.”

Last weekend, among those who were eliminated included Tombi Romulo, an admitted tomboy. When Ai Ai had a presscon for the 5th renewal of her contract with Marikina Food Corporation, makers of Hobe Pancit Canton, Palabok, Special Bihon and Hobe Express Instant Bihon, Tombi was there and sang two songs for the press. Ai Ai declared she’ll help Tombi in her singing career.

We thought she no longer wants to manage anyone after her bad experience with Ex Battalion?

“Alam nyo naman ako, wala akong kadala-dala,” she says. “After Ex Battalion, heto, si Ex B naman ang ima-manage ko. Ex B for Ex Babae, dating babae. I believe kasi in her talent sa pagkanta. Basta sana, maganda ang attitude niya at wag siyang magluluka-lukahan.”

We tell Ai Ai that among the remaining contestants, our  bet now is Jeremiah Tiancgo as he has the total package of good singing voice and good looks. He has better chances of making it big in local showbiz. Tombi says at this point: “Kaya lang, dyuts siya, e.”

How did you know? Ai Ai asked her.

“E kasi, kapag magkakasama kaming natutulog, sa umaga, naka-boxers silang mga lalaki at nakatelag yung kanila. Yung sa kanya maliit, mas malaki pa yung kay Clark Serafin.”

Of course, the writers who heard her were hooting at this point. “Yan ang ikasisikat mo! Magiging kontrobersyal ka!” they tell her.

Someone quipped: “We thought presscon ito ng Hobe Noodles, para kay Tombi pala ito.”

It’s good the big boss of Hobe Noodles, Mr. Bob Co, is good enough to give Tombi a chance for exposure in their presscon. He says their company is very satisfied as the sales of their product really went up after they got Ai Ai as endorser.

“Matagal na ang Hobe, which means good taste, but when we got her, mas tumaas talaga ang sales namin,” he adds. “She’s the ideal and perfect endorser for our brand as she is a caring wife and mother herself, kaya 5th time na niyang mag-renew ng contract with us. She really cooks Hobe for her family kaya sinusunod siya ng mga misis at nanay.”

“Totoo yon, nagluluto talaga ako ng Hobe at favorite yan ng husband ko (Gerald Sibayan),” says Ai Ai. “Masarap naman kasi talaga at madaling lutuin. They have differrent noodle variants you can choose from and I recommend all of them for your family. I’m really thankful to Hobe and to Mr. Bob Co, our ninong sa kasal, for keeping me as their endorser all these years.”

Aside from “The Clash”, Ai Ai is now also seen regularly  in “Sunday Pinasaya” and she has just finished the Metro Manila Filmfest entry, “3Pol Trobol: Huli Ka Balbon!” with Coco Martin and Jennylyn Mercado that opens on Christmas Day. She’ll also have a new soap by next year. And we thought she’ll slow down next year to get pregnant?

“Hindi na muna,” she says. “For health reasons. Kasi lahat ng kinakain ko ngayon puro organic. My doctor says na kapag nagbuntis ako, I will have to take synthetic medicines at baka hindi mag-agree sa katawan ko ngayon so the baby might suffer. So wag na lang daw muna at kawawa naman yung baby.”
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kristen stewart, ella balinska, naomi watts

MOVIES used to be the cheapest and most popular form of entertainment, but not anymore. People now prefer to watch movies even on their cellphones, live streaming, than going to an actual moviehouse where you still have to dress up and brave the dreadful heavy traffic.

Most local movies shown lately did dismally at the box office, but even Hollywood flicks are suffering the same fate.

We went to see “Charlie’s Angels”, “Midway”, and “Ford v Ferrari” in almost empty cavernous mall theaters. The public’s taste has really changed because there are now so many other platforms available for watching films and TV series.

We didn’t really expect much from the latest reboot of “Charlie’s Angels” thinking it’s just another unnecessary remake.

It started as a successful TV series in the 70s then they made two movies in 2000 and 2003, both directed by McG. In 2011, they revived it as a TV series and it flopped dismally. Now, they come up with another big screen version and it should have taken its cue from the 2011 series as it’s also a flop, which is bad since, honestly, we quite enjoyed it.

The movie is a millennial update written and directed by a woman, Elizabeth Banks, and it celebrates girl power. As an actress, Banks is best known as Effie in “The Hunger Games” series. She started directing in “Pitch Perfect 2” where she also played a TV host. It’s a big hit so we’re not surprised she’s given the chance to direct the new “Charlie’s Angels”.

She made a lot of changes in the material but too bad they didn’t sit well with today’s audiences who avoided the theaters where it’s showing.

Banks knows the TV series can be silly so she takes a very playful tone with her own version that has a definitely more feminist vision. This is evident right in the opening sequence where Kristen Stewart as Sabina, a platinum blonde, flirts with an Asian American guy who doesn’t have an inkling that she is actually tying him up.

The director being a woman, it shows men can be putty in the hands of skillful women who can do everything and look after each other.

Aside from Sabina, the other angel is Jane (Ella Balinska, a gorgeous and stunning newbie, who’s black) and the last one who’ll join them is Elena (Naomi Scott, Jasmine in “Aladdin”, who’s Asian), a scientist whose new invention is a McGuffin designed to be a gizmo than can provide an alternate power source but can also be weaponized and very dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

Her bosses won’t listen to her so she blows the whistle and seeks the help of the angels who rescue her from an attempt on her life, starting an adventure that takes them to Hamburg, Berlin, London, Istanbul and to France.

The men in the movie are mostly buffoonish idiots (like Sam Claflin as the very wealthy owner of the company who wants to market the device and Nat Faxon as Elena’s immdiate boss who has his own designs for the invention and later gets the comeuppance he surely deserves)

or truly evil (like Jonathan Tucker as the hard-hearted and tattooed assassin who later gets impaled and another character who has his own selfish schemes but we won’t reveal who he is as it’ll be a big spoiler.)

Netflix heartthrob Noah Centineo is also in the cast as an hombre in distress who’s given very little to do.

The badass woman-power vibe in the film is unmistakable but it can be quite a hardsell, just like helping Jane’s aunt in Istanbul who runs a women’s clinic providing birth control devices.

Too bad the female-centric message is lost on today’s audiences. For an action flick, it has the usual massive action set pieces that, in all fairness, manage to be quite exciting.

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SOPHIE ALBERT  has joined the cast of ‘The Gift’ and the feedback she’s getting for her presence in the show is very positive and encouraging.

“I play Helga, isang psychic,” says Sophie. “I’m happy to have a new show after matapos yung afternoon soap naming ‘Bihag’ na contravida ang role ko. This time, mabait naman ako as a psychic. I see dead people, mga kaluluwang hindi matahimik at gumagala and I try to help them, like Alden’s dad in the story, TJ Trinidad.”

When lead actor Alden Richards’ character as Sep was kidnapped by bad elements masterminded by his own half-brother, Martin del Rosario as Jared, Sophie teams up with the spirit of Alden’s dad, TJ Trinidad as Gener, who died in the first week of telecast of “The Gift”. Gener now returns to help his son whenever he is in danger.

“Nagtulong kami ng father ni Alden to find out kung saan siya dinala ng mga kidnaper at ayun, we were able to help him,” adds Sophie. “We succeeded in informing his adoptive mom, si Jo Berry, and his lola, Elizabeth Oropesa, about his whereabouts kaya natagpuan siya at nadala sa ospital matapos siyang bugbugin ng mga kumidnap sa kanya.”

It’s Sophie as Helga who explains to Alden that the father he is looking for is already dead. She also revealed to him that Jo Berry as Strawberry and Beth O as Lola Char already know that his dad, who he sees only in his dreams, has long been gone.

But naturally, Alden felt bad that his adoptive mom and grandma concealed the truth from him. They apologize to him but he finds it difficult to forgive them as he feels like they betrayed him.

But what Alden doesn’t know is that they also know that his real mom is Jean Garcia as Nadia and they’re also hiding this from him.

Comedian Tetay as Tonia has already found out the truth about this but he is threatened by Christian Vasquez and Rochelle Pangilinan not to reveal it to Jean herself as this would no doubt make Jean shower all her attention to her long lost son. No doubt that this would also make Martin del Rosario more cruel and abusive to Alden.

Is Sophie enjoying playing her role as Helga? “Oo naman. Kasi first time ko lang gumanap ng isang psychic and I didn’t expect na eventually, magiging magka-team up kami ni Alden. Pareho kaming may gift dito.

"Ako, I can talk to dead people at siya naman, he’s clairvoyant who can look into the past and the future. So ayun, naging magkatulong kami ngayon sa pagtulong sa ibang taong may kinakaharap na problema.”

“The Gift” continues to enjoy positive feedback from its loyal viewers and from advertisers who continue to fill it up with their full commercial load.  But will Sophie be the new ka-love team of Alden as Sep, now that Thia Thomalia, his original crush as Faith, has already been killed?

What happens now to his good friend, Mikee Quintos as Amor, who continues to harbor secret feelings for him? Don’t miss each exciting episode of “The Gift” now that the situations in the life of Alden are getting more and more intriguing.

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Nov 18, 2019

director paul soriano and bela padilla

BELA PADILLA tackles her most challenging role to date as Edliberta, a female soldier and military sniper who embarks on a personal journey of revenge to punish the killer of her parents in “Mañanita”, written by Lav Diaz and directed by Paul Soriano that will open in theaters on December 4.

It was our country’s representative in the main competition of the recently concluded Tokyo International Filmfest. How did Bela prepare for her role?

“I had to undergo training with real soldiers on how to assemble guns and shoot with rifles properly, pati kung paano maasinta ang target mo,” she says.

“Marami akong pinagdaanang proseso, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Mabigat talaga yung role and yung story. Naka-prosthetic make up ako rito kasi nasunog ang part ng face ko.

"Isa ito sa most difficult movies na ginawa ko kasi kakaunti lang ang dialogue. The script was only 8 pages long and the camera just follows me, puro tingin-tingin lang, you let your eyes speak for you and convey what you feel.

"But the running time of the film is two hours and a half, kahit walang masyadong dialogue. Now, I can even also claim na magaling na ako with guns, kasi lahat ng pinatatarget nila sa akin, natatamaan ko, bullseye!”

Mañanita is a term used to serenade those who are celebrating their birthdays and those who attended the De Colores cursillos or retreats before. Direk Paul Soriano he uses the “Mañanita” title as he wants to serenade the audience. The movie, which got a Grade A from the Cinema Evaluation Board, has many original songs.

The film is about Bela’s personal journey after she loses her job and turns to alcohol to drown out her problems, then she gets a very important phone call concerning a mission that will drastically change her entire life.

Is it true she is the personal choice of Direk Paul Soriano to play the lead role of Edilberta?

“Well, he said I was the only one he had in mind after nabuo nila yung script. Actually, we were meeting then kasi I’m pitching a story to him, but he pitched this story to me also and I got interested and said yes right away, without reading the script. I’ve seen him his past works and I know he is a director who I can trust.”

How was their film accepted in the Tokyo International Filmfest?

“I felt humbled kasi they liked it so much. Lahat ng screenings namin, sold out and they watched it in rapt attention. After the screening, many Japanese viewers came up to me to say that the film’s quietness resonated with them.

"Isolated kasi Edliberta and she is seeking either vengeance or forgiveness. This is a character-driven film and I was able to relate to Edilberta kasi I’m in a point in my life where I’m always alone when I’m not working.

"I detached myself from being Bela to be Edilberta at ang laging kaeksena ko rito, hindi tao kundi baril. “Mañanita” is a dream project for any actor and I’m thankful to Direk Paul as he allowed me to express myself in the character the way I want to.

"He’s very easy to work with kasi he and his team are very organized and he knows exactly what he wants for each scene. He is his own audience at naka-storybook na sa utak niya ang every scene.”

After this, Bela will be seen with Aga Muhlach in Viva’s Metro filmfest entry, “Miracle in Cell No. 7”. Since she now writes her own script, next on her agenda is to be able to direct her own movie someday.

She’s so busy working in front and behind the camera that her love life is now deliberately placed on the back burner. “Hindi naman ako naghahanap ng lovelife kasi I’m so happy right now. Wala akong nararamdamang may kulang sa buhay ko.”

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ejay falcon as elias with lou veloso as filosopo tasyo

from left to right: director joven tan/ mon confiado as padre salvi/ arnell ignacio as damaso/ nyoy volante as the director of the movie within a movie/ vina morales as sisa/ ejay falcon/ & marlo mortel as the scriptwriter of the movie within a movie

EJAY FALCON feels honored to be part of the historical musical, “Damaso”, that opens in theaters this Wednesday. Loosely based on Jose Rizal’s, immortal novel, “Noli Me Tangere”, he plays the iconic role of Elias, the good friend of Crisostomo Ibarra played by newcomer Jin Macapagal.

“Sana, maraming kabataan ang manood ng ‘Damaso’ kasi maganda ang mensahe nito, lalo na para sa millennials,” he says. “I admit na sa panahon natin ngayon, mas gusto ng young generation of viewers ang mga romantic comedies pero sana, bigyan naman nila ng chance ang ganitong movie na nagpapakita sa ating history.

"Kasi the movie shows na kung ano yung mga nangyari noong araw sa mga kababayan natin, actually, nangyayari pa rin ngayon sa present situation, so we have to do something about it alang-alang sa ating bayan at para sa ating kapwa Pilipino.”

He is also happy to be given the chance to sing in the movie since “Damaso” is a musical with 16 original songs.

“Nakakatuwa kasi dito ko pala maipapakitang may kakayahan ako sa pagkanta,” he beams. “In fairness sa songs composed by our writer-director, si Joven Tan, ang gaganda ng songs sa ‘Damaso’ and they all carry an important message na bagay sa bawat character na kumakanta nito.”

Doing the movie is really a big challenge for him. “Kasi mahirap yung kumakanta at uma-acting ka at the same time,” he explains. “Challenge din yung malalalim na Tagalog words na ginamit namin sa mga linya ng dialogue.

"Tagalog naman talaga ang salita namin sa Mindoro pero nanibago pa rin akong bigkasin ang Tagalog words na gamit noong panahon ni Jose Rizal. Bawal ang adlib kay DIrek Joven Tan. You have to follow the script strictly para hindi mabago ang tone and flavor ng movie.”

With regard to his lovelife, Ejay is very open about his relationship with Starstruck discovery Jana Roxas.  They just came from a vacation in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan.

“Traveling abroad is very important for us kasi mas diyan namin nakikilala ang isa’t isa,” he says. “Ang sarap mamasyal sa ibang lugar with your loved one.”

So do we hear wedding bells ringing for them soon? “We’ve talked about it but as of now, hindi muna. Sobrang busy sa dami ng ginagawa ko and we don’t want to be pressured dahil lang maraming friends namin ang nag-aasawa. It will come at the right time kapag pareho na kaming ready.”

Ejay is also an endorser of Rei Anicoche Tan’s Beautederm and he was present at the blessing of Sylvia Sanchez’ Beautederm store and at the re-launch of Anthony Taberna’s Ka Tunying Panlasang Makabayan restaurants.
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Nov 17, 2019

sylvia sanchez and daughter ria atayde




SYLVIA SANCHEZ continues to reap praises from netizens for her crackerjack acting as Luz Mabunga, the sacrificing wife and mom in “Pamilya Ko”.

Her performance in that heartbreaking scene where she discovers her husband Joey Marquez as Fernan’s affair with her boss, Irma Adlawan as Loida, trended on Twitter and got her some glowing reviews.

Good acting really runs in their veins as her son, Arjo Atayde, also harvested positive comments after the preview of the new season iWant’s “Bagman” just a couple of days ago.

Both mom and son, along with daughter Ria, are at the blessing and ribbon-cutting of Sylvia’s new store, Sylvia Sanchez by Beautederm located at 68 Roces Avenue at the corner of Sct. Reyes St. last Sunday afternoon. This is Sylvia’s second Beautederm store. The first one is in her hometown, Butuan City.

By February, the first SM mall in Butuan will open and Sylvia will also have a branch there. Then in 2020, she says she will open three more stores in three SM Malls in Metro-Manila, with the help of the indefatigable Beautederm Pres-CEO Rhea Anicoche Tan who’s also celebrating her birthday.

“Grabe talaga ang popularity ng Beautederm products among those who want to have good skin kaya naman selling like hotcakes talaga ang mga sabon and creams nila,” says Sylvia. “Itong store ko sa Roces Avenue, sinimulan ko lang ito, but kay Ria talaga ito.

"Gusto kong tulungan ang mga anak ko na magkaroon ng sarili nilang business through Beautederm. You can get the smooth clear skin you've always wanted by using Beautéderm Products that are safe, effective, and Superbrands awardee. They are safe and dermatologically tested to deliver amazing results in as early as 1 week.

"Their best seller is the Beautederm regular set that comes with a papaya soap, four face creams, and one day and night toner. You can get them from our store with big discounts as part of our opening sale.”

A lot of stars attended the ribbon cutting affair of Sylvia’s new store, a lot of them are also Beautederm endorsers. The stars we saw include Lorna Tolentino, Gabby Concepcion, Ken Chan, Ejay Falcon, Nova Villa, Jestoni Alarcon, Ryle Santiago and mom Sherilyn Tan, Shyr Valdez, singer Dessa, comedians Kitkat and Smokey Manaloto,

"beauty queens Alma Concepcion and Maricel Morales, Pauline Mendoza, Rochelle Barrameda and husband Jimwell Stevens and, of course, Sylvia’s own kids, Arjo and Ria Atayde and her entire family. To Sylvia and Rhea Tan, here’s wishing your partnership will continue to succeed and prosper!
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ren and cindy being interviewed at the presscon of ADAN

from left to right: producer yam laranas/ cindy miranda/ ren escano/ director roman perez

REN ESCANO confesses there was a time when she was losing hope in her showbiz aspirations. “I started with Kuya Germs sa Walang Tulugan at karamihan ng kasabay ko roon, sumikat na like Ken Chan, Jak Roberto and Sanya Lopez, so parang naiinip ako,” she says.

But now, her big break has finally come. She plays the lead role of Ellen in the sapphic romance drama, “Adan”, which opens in theaters on Wednesday, and she will later also be seen as Xian Lim’s daring lover in “Untrue”.

In “Adan”, she has girl-to-girl love scenes with beauty queen Cindy Miranda. Didn’t she have any qualms doings this?

“Siempre pinag-isipan ko munang mabuti. When I accepted it, inihanda ko na ang sarili ko, menatally, physically and emotionally. Pero nangako naman si Direk Roman Perez na magiging tasteful at hindi malaswa ang treatment kaya I agreed to do it. I just think na lang na it’s not really me who’s doing it but the character I’m playing in ‘Adan’, which is very challenging.

"Yung character ko, si Ellen, simple girl lang siya sa probinsiya with a very  strict and controlling father, played by Bembol Roco. Dahil doon, nagrebelde siya. Hindi siya nakapag-aral but she is smart in many other ways. WIth the help of Cindy as Marian, we did something to my father to get rid of him.

"Nabigyan ng laya ang feelings namin sa isa’t isa, pero dito naman dumating si Epy Quizon as a police inspector na iniimbestigahan ang pagkawala ng father ko and I’m the primary suspect. Dito po naging thriller ang ‘Adan’ at very suspenseful siya hanggang sa ending.”

How does she feel about same sex relationships? “I really have nothing against it, kasi tanggap na naman yan sa panahon natin ngayon. But ako mismo, hindi ko pa po na-try. Virgin po ako riyan. Ha ha ha!”

She’s proud of the movie as press people who saw it in its special screening last Saturday at Gateway all liked it.

“Nagustuhan naman nila at pinuri ang acting namin ni Cindy. Hindi lang naman kasi tungkol sa sex ang ‘Adan’ kundi may puso siya. Love story siya, nagkataon nga lang na parehong babae ang involved. Maganda ang mensahe tungkol sa pagmamahal ng dalawang tao who have the same sex. May torrid sexy scenes pero hindi naman bastos.”

Also in the movie are Ruby Ruiz, Raffy Tejada, Phoebe Villamor and former Viva Hot Babe Maui Taylor who has done a movie similar to this before with Rica Peralejo, “Hibla”, directed by Yam Laranas who now wrote the story of “Adan” and also produced it for Viva Films and Aliud Productions.

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Nov 16, 2019

at the presscon from left: dir. frasco mortiz/ sunshine cruz/ maricel soriano/ janella salvador/ mccoy de leon and the evil malalarang

MARICEL SORIANO is back on the big screen in “The Heiress”, a horror movie where she plays the role of a sorceress called mambabarang that opens on November 27.

Her young co-stars in the movie, Janella Salvador and McCoy de Leon, both admitted they were scared of her before the shoot started. What can she say about this?

“Naku, madalas ko ngang naririnig yan,” she says. “Na my young co-stars, takot daw sa akin. E, bakit naman sila matatakot, di naman ako nangangagat? I told sina Janella not to be intimidated by me. Basta gawin lang nila ang trabaho nila nang maayos at narito lang ako para umalalay sa kanila.

"But usually, kapag nararamdaman kong naiilang sa’kin ang co-stars, ako na mismo ang gumagawa ng paraan to make them feel comfortable with me para kami masaya lagi sa set.”

McCoy, who plays Janella’s boyfriend in “The Heiress”, says this is true. “One time, pawis na pawis ako. Biglang andiyan na si Inay Maria at nilagyan ng tuwalya yung likod ko. Sobrang nagulat ako kasi I felt nagke-care pala siya.

"Yung bimpo niya, itinago ko, para souvenir ng pakikipagtrabaho ko sa kanya. I really feel so lucky and blessed na nabigyan ako ng chance na makatrabaho ang isang Maricel Soriano. It’s a great experience na hindi ko na makakalimutan sa buong buhay ko.”

Janella confirms this. “She’s really very approachable and accommodating. Starstruck ako noong una pero siya mismo ang nagsabi na I shouldn’t feel that way. She made alalay to me all the way.

"Para talaga siyang mother sa set na concerned sa anak niya and it’s really a pleasure working with her in ‘The Heiress’.  Kahit sabihin pang ang role niya rito, sobrang higpit niya sa’kin as may very controlling aunt na gustong ako ang maging tagapagmana niya as mambabarang.”

Maricel says she’s happy to be back with Regal which she considers her home. “Dito naman talaga kay Mother Lily ako nagsimula.

"Kaya every time she needs me, nandito lang ako kasi gusto ko talagang mapasaya siya. Sabi ko nga, basta si Mother Lily, kahit walang bayad, e. Pero huwag naman, siempre kailangan ding kumita ng lola nyo, no?”

How does she feel that “The Heiress” didn’t make it as a finalist in the Metro filmfest? “Siempre, sad kami, but then, who are we to question kung anong plano ni God, di ba?

"Malay natin, ngayong we are given an earlier playdate, mas malaki pala ang kitain ng movie namin, e di magiging mas masaya si Mother Lily.

"So thankful lang kaming nabigyan kami ng earlier playdate at mas mauuna pa kaming ipalabas kaysa doon sa entries sa filmfest.

"And I can assure the viewers, lalo na yung mahilig sa horror films, na hindi sila mabibigo sa pelikula namin. Magaling na direktor si Frasco Mortiz, anak ni Bobot Mortiz. Fresh ang ideas niya kasi bata pa.”

Frasco says in turn: “Si Inay Maria ang primary reason na dapat nyong panoorin ang ‘The Heiress’. Maski kami sa set, natatakot sa kanya. Manginginig ang tuhod nyo kapag pinanood nyo siya sa movie.”

“Yes, I’m proud to say na marami na akong nagawang horror movies, like ‘Sa Piling ng Aswang’, ‘Vampira’, pero  kung noon, ako ang tinatakot, ngayon, ako naman ang mananakot!” she says. “Kaya humanda na kayo sa pananakot na gagawin ko sa inyo!!!!”
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andrea brillantes and seth fedelin

seth-andrea with direk benedict mique at 'wild little love' presscon

ANDREA BRILLANTES and Seth Fedelin comprise the SethDrea teen love team that started in “Kadenang Ginto”. Now, Dreamscape gives them the chance to cross over and star in their own movie, “Wild Little Love”, to be shown in iWant streaming, directed by Benedict Mique.

They are supported in it by Carmina Villaroel, Aflred Vargas, Victor Neri and Jin Macapagal. What can they say that they are being predicted to replacet he KathNiel love team, what with Seth looking like a young Daniel Padilla?

“E, sana nga maging totoo,” says Andrea. “Matagal na po akong fan ng KatNiel, e. Kaya lang, hindi naman namin sila mapapalitan. I’m sure nandiyan pa rin sila. Sana lang, maabot namin kung ano ang inabot nila sa showbiz.”

Director Benedict Mique said Andrea really prayed for someone like Seth to come into her life. Is this true? “Ibinuking naman ako ni DIrek but yes, its true. Ipinagdasal ko pong magkaroon sana ako ng isang Daniel na ka-love team at ayan, ibinigay naman siya sa akin.”

So, like KathNiel, they will also end up in each other’s arms in real life? “Ay, tungkol doon, hindi po natin masasabi.  Sa ngayon, basta trabaho muna. Sa age namin ngayon, basta enjoy lang.”

“Kung kami naman talaga ang magiging para sa isa’t isa, e di sige, but as of now, no one can tell kasi sobrang bata pa po kami,” says Seth.

In “Wild Little Love”, Andrea plays Samantha or Sam, a spoiled, unruly rich girl whose parents, Alfred and Carmina, cannot control. To give her a lesson, her dad transfers her to a public high school where she meets totally different people compared to the rich exclusive school she went to before.

This is where she meets Seth as Jake, a poor boy who will teach her to how adjust to her new surroundings and how to accept the rewards of having a more simple life. 

As they become very close to each other, they would realize that the huge gap between their widely different social status in life can prevent them from having a satisfying romantic relationship.

The movie will start streaming on November 23, but there is a Facebook poll to determine which movie will be shown first, that of Seth and Andrea or “Silly Red Shoes” of Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz. You have up to November 22 to vote for the movie that you want to support and see first.

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Nov 15, 2019

direk joven tan, mon confiado, riva quenery as maria clara, nyoy volante as director, vina morales as sisa, ejay falcon as elias and marlo mortel as scriptwriter ferdie damao

direk joven tan, mon confiado, nyoy volante, vina morales

director joven tan, mon confiado as padre salvi, arnell ignacio as padre damaso

nyoy volante as director, vina morales as sisa, ejay falcon as elias

vina morales as sisa

VINA MORALES looks so sexy at the presscon of the historical musical, “Damaso”, but in the movie, she’s actually deglamorized totally in her role as Sisa, the madwoman in Jose Rizal’s immortal classic “Noli Me Tangere”.

“When the role was offered to me, I learned it’s a musical at si Sisa raw ako, so tinanggap ko agad,” she says. “I don’t think any actress would have second thoughts about it as it’s an iconic role. And I get to sing and act at the same time.

"Tapos, ang gaganda pa ng songs composed by Director Joven Tan for Sisa about the love of a mother habang hinahanap niya ang mga nawawala niyang anak na sina Basilio at Crispin. We shot it in the old houses in Taal, Batangas and I’m really proud to be part of this movie with a great message and a very big powerhouse cast. Mapasama lang ako sa kanila is an honor na for me.”

Director Joven Tan says “Damaso” is actually a movie within a movie. This is about a group of filmmakers who want to make a historical movie after the huge success of “Heneral Luna”. In the process, they get to make a movie on Padre Damaso, the notorious priest in “Noli Me Tangere” who turns out to be the real father of Maria Clara.

“Playing the producer is Aiko Melendez,” adds Joven. “Nyoy Volante is the director and Marlo Mortel is the scriptwriter named Ferdie Damaso, kaya naisip nilang gumawa ng movie about Padre Damaso. As they shoot the film, we then show actual scenes from ‘Noli’ to show na kung ano yung mga nangyari noon, actually nangyayari pa rin ngayon sa atin, with Arnell Ignacio as Padre Damaso, Ejay Falcon as Elias, Leo Martinez as Kapitan Tiago, Lou Veloso as Filosopo Tasyo, Ariel Rivera as Kapitan Pablo, Mon Confiado as Padre Salvi, Pinky Amador as Donya Victorina,

"Carmi Martin as Donya Consolacion, Ian de Leon as the Maestro, Noel Comia as Basilio, Ernie Garcia as the leper, Arlene Muhlach as Tiya Isabel, Irma Adlawan as Aiko’s financier, Ketchup Eusebio as Aiko’s assistant, and introducing new Kapamilya stars Jin Macapagal of Bidaman as Crisostomo Ibarra and Riva Quenery as Maria Clara. It’s an impressive ensemble of very talented actors who all deliver in their respective roles.”

Wasn’t it difficult to do a historical movie with period costumes and sets? “Hindi ako nahirapan in that aspect kasi responsibility naman yan ng production designer. Nahirapan ako doon sa pagiging musical niya. I composed 16 new songs for the movie and recording them pa lang, mahirap na.

"But in fairness to all the actors who get to sing in the movie, ang gagaling nila, lalo na si Arnell Ignacio as Padre Damaso. Napakahusay niya at marami siyang gugulatin dito. Hindi si Arnell ang makikita nyo rito kundi yung character talaga ni Padre Damaso.”

So how did Arnell prepare for his role as Damaso? “Actually, nagka-identity crisis nga ako dahil sa pelikulang ito,” he says. “Kasi ang gusto ko talagang gawin, yung role ni Sisa o ni Maria Clara. Kasi sweet ako, e si Padre Damaso, bruha siya, kaya hirap na hirap ako sa pag-portray sa kanya.

"But I really love my role in the movie. Aba, sa tagal ng career ko sa industriya, ngayon lang ako gumanap sa title role. And I’m so happy sa ganda ng songs that Direk Joven composed for Damaso. Ako nga mismo, naiiyak sa ganda ng songs habang kinakanta ko sila.”
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