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Mario Bautista, has been with the entertainment industry for more than 4 decades. He writes regular columns for People's Journal and Malaya.
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Jul 1, 2020




MATT BOMER as the tormented JAMIE BURNS

WE’VE JUST finished watching three seasons of USA Network’s “The Sinner”, a murder-mystery series where someone dies at the start then an investigation is conducted by Bill Pullman as Police Detective Harry Ambrose, the link in all three episodes.

Season 1 starts Jessica Biel as Cora Tanetti, an ordinary housewife suddenly stabs to death a man on the beach for no reason at all. Folks think it’s an open and shut case as Cora quickly admitted her guilt although she has no apparent motive.

But Det. Harry is totally relentless in pursuing the case until he gets to uncover a crime that happened to Cora five years ago, before she was married and had a kid, but which she has totally forgotten after she was held captive and injected with drugs for two months.

Jessica Biel is totally convincing and sympathetic as Cora, who has lost her memory so we don’t wonder that she got Oscar and Golden Globe best actress nominations for her performance. The viewer is as clueless as she as to what really happened to her in the past.

Season 2 is about a 13-year old boy, Julian (Elisha Henig, who's excellent), who poisoned to death his parents in their hotel room while they’re on their way for a vacation in Niagara Falls.

Det. Harry is again assigned to the case and learns that the dead couple are not really the boy’s parents and that the woman who claims to be his real mom has mysterious connections with a cult and it’s later revealed that she’s also not Julian’s real mom. This works because we root for the boy, but not the grownups with him.

The recent Season 3 is the most complicated of all. And also the most implausible as it tries to be profound but only ends up as so convoluted. It starts with a car crash where the driver is killed and Det. Harry is called in to look at it.

Matt Bomer plays Jamie Burns, a teacher who’s the surviving passenger in the car, and the driver, Nick (Chris Messina), is his college friend who’s just visiting him and his pregnant wife, Leela (Parisa Fitz Henley), in their home in Dorchester, NY.

The accident occurs at the estate of a painter, Sonya (Jessica Hecht), who says she doesn’t know both men.

As he investigates, Harry realizes that right after the accident, Jamie could have immediately called 911 for help but he waited and called only when Nick has already bled to death. Jamie has denied that he has seen Nick before that night but Harry discovers that he has actually met with Nick some days ago in Manhattan.

As they say, the plot thickens. Jamie gets from bad to worse and becomes totally unhinged, seeing Nick haunting him and killing more people along the way.

What we can’t understand here is Harry could have locked him up right away after uncovering his lies, specially after he took Jamie to a doctor for psychological evaluation and he escaped, but he let the psychotic Jamie get away.

In each season, we also uncover Harry’s past little by little.

In Season 1, we learn he’s trying to save his marriage and tries to reconcile with his wife, who gives him a chance, but he has his own personal demons and proclivities where he allows a fat waitress to inflict bodily harm on him while they’re having sex.

In Season 2, we learn that like the boy Julian, he too has big issues with his own insane mom who even tried to burn their house down.

In Season 3, he tries to reconnect with his own daughter and grandchild, but his morally ambiguous behavior makes his relationship with Jamie murkier and needlessly complicated. They both come out as very flawed characters.

At one point, Jamie even buries Harry alive and he would have been dead had Jaime not had a change of heart and unearthed him. Jaime says they are now connected with each other, like him and Nick before, and he believes that he and Harry reflect parts of themselves in each other.

At this point, we’re already bored as we don’t sympathize with any of the characters anymore and we don’t buy its explorations of toxic masculinity. We also don’t buy Nick’s interpretation of Nietzche’s Ubermensch or superman concept, but we persisted until the show’s unexciting conclusion.

What saves the show from being a total bore is the persuasive acting of Matt Bomer as the tortured Jamie, with his haunted look effectively reflecting his frazzled mental state and emotionally isolated core. In contrast, Bill Pullman is unconvincing as the beleaguered Harry.

The problem is that he has a mouth that seems to be smiling or smirking even in a very serious dramatic situation. The only persuasive thing he did is to walk with a noticeable limp as his character is supposed to be suffering from sciatica.

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Jun 29, 2020

NBCUniversal International Networks’ 24-hour channel dedicated to kids and family entertainment – today announces the channel premiere of The Boss Baby: Back in Business.

The new series brings a colourful mix of happy chaos, family love and heroism to the small screen. The series will premiere on the DreamWorks channel from Monday, July 6 at 6:30pm (PHT).

Following on from where the blockbuster movie left off, the new animated series follows practical and savvy salesman Boss Baby, and his idealistic, imaginative and naive older brother, Tim, on a variety of exciting neighbourhood missions to save the baby world.

With the help of his big brother, and partner in crime, Boss Baby navigates the cut-throat corporate jungle gym of Baby Corps to keep babies on top of the love distribution charts, while angling to achieve the near impossible: a work-life balance.

Although Boss Baby’s hardened corporate perspective serves him well, his brother Tim is the muscle on field ops but doesn’t always think things through – he’s a regular kid living life with gusto and the belief there’s no dream that can’t come true.

Executive produced by Brandon Sawyer (Penguins of Madagascar), the much-loved TV series will bring episodes loaded with laughter, mischief and adventure.

The Boss Baby: Back in Business will join a line-up of fan favourite shows on DreamWorks, including the recently released series Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny and Where’s Wally?, in addition to Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Dragons: Race to the Edge, The Adventures of Puss in Boots, and All Hail King Julien.

NBCUniversal International Networks is one of the world’s premier entertainment portfolios, delivering quality content and compelling brands to over 160 territories across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

The channel brands in the portfolio include UNIVERSAL TV, SYFY, E! Entertainment Television, 13TH STREET, Studio Universal, Telemundo, Bravo, DreamWorks and Golf Channel.

These unique brands deliver a full range of entertainment experiences to local audiences across the globe. Further, NBCUniversal News Group, one of the most influential and respected portfolios of on-air and digital news properties in the world, operates CNBC and NBC News internationally.

NBCUniversal International Networks is a division of NBCUniversal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience.

NBCUniversal owns and operates a valuable portfolio of news and entertainment television networks, a premier motion picture company, significant television production operations, a leading television stations group, world-renowned theme parks, and a suite of leading internet-based businesses. NBCUniversal is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation.

DreamWorks, the 24-hour, HD, kids and family network brings DreamWorks’ beloved movie heroes to the small screen to star in their own TV shows.

The channel features Emmy® award-winning, original television series such as Dragons: Race to the Edge and The Adventures of Puss in Boots and the critically acclaimed Tales of Arcadia: Trollhunters.

The channel also presents a daily morning preschool block, DreamWorks Junior, for 2-5 year olds featuring favourites such as Noddy Toyland Detective and Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. DreamWorks is currently available in seven languages across nine countries in Asia including one branded block. Visit dreamworks-asia.com, and DreamWorks Asia on Facebook and Instagram for more information.
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elle fanning and nicholas hoult in THE GREAT


CATHERINE THE GREAT is Russia’s longest reigning queen (from 1762 to 1796). She became the empress after she staged a coup against her own husband, Peter III. They were married when she was only 16 and endured to live with him for two decades before usurping the throne.

Under her, Russia became bigger and stronger and her reign is considered as the Golden Age of Russia. There were many TV shows and movies about her, among them a Russian TV series made in 2014, “Ekaterina”, a movie version starring Catherine Zeta Jones in the title role of “Catherine the Great” and a TV movie in 1991 with Julia Ormond as the “Young Catherine”.

Late last year, HBO came up with “Catherine the Great” with four episodes starring Helen Mirren in the title role. It starts after she has overthrown her husband, focuses mainly on her romance with Potemkin (Jason Clarke), and ends with his death, followed by hers. 

Last month, HULU and Amazon TV released “The Great” for streaming, saying it’s only “occasionally true” as they really took a lot of outrageous liberties in telling Catherine’s story.

This is written by Tony McNamara based on his own play. He wrote the Oscar-winning “The Favourite”, so you know that the tone of the show is darkly comic, bawdy, irreverent and lowbrow, with plenty of cuss words and expletives.

Catherine’s real name is Sophie and she comes from poor royalty in Prussia (what is now Poland). Peter’s Aunt Elizabeth chose her to be Peter’s wife and they got married in 1745. “The Great” starts with Peter already the emperor of Russia: a selfish spoiled brat who only likes to party and is so proud of what he calls his “massive cock”.

He quickly crushes Sophie’s hopelessly romantic dream of having a happy marriage when he practically rapes her on their wedding night.

Sophie is renamed Catherine after their wedding and she is so disappointed with her boorish husband. She’s more educated, loves to read books and familiar with the works of noted European authors like Descartes and Voltaire of that era.

She’s full of progressive ideas and frustrated with her dumb husband, so she plans the coup with the help of her lady in waiting, Marial (Phoebe Fox) and Count Orlo (Sacha Dhawan), a fictional character but in the Helen Mirren version, we meet the real one, Grigory Orlov, her long time lover who she drops after overthrowing her husband.

In “The Great”, Peter has a regular sex partner, Georgina (Charity Wakefield), the wife of his own best friend, Grigor Dymov (Gwilym Lee). Georgina is a fictional character as his mistress in real life was a woman named Elizaveta Vorontsova.

He also gets Catherine her own lover, Leo Voronsky (Sebastian de Souza), with whom she later really falls in love, but he’s also just a fictional character.

“The Great” runs for ten episodes and you can see the padding to stretch the material because they want it to end with Catherine finally staging the coup. It’s not conclusive, though, and it seems like they want to have a second season just like what BBC did with the current Queen Elizabeth in “The Crown” which is now on its 4th season, with Helen Mirren as the elderly queen.

This should make Ms. Mirren proud as she can claim she has played both queens on screen. Actually, she already did Elizabeth II in “The Queen”, for which she won an Oscar.

In Mirren’s version, Peter is already dead when the show starts, but his rightful heir, an illegitimate brother called Ivan, a young man in his 20s, is being held captive in prison and would be murdered later.

In “The Great”, Ivan is a mere ten year old boy who was brutally killed by Peter’s aunt so he won’t succeed in the throne.

In the final episode, Catherine learns she is pregnant but thinks the dad is her lover, Leo. She tries to stab Peter but he disarms her and locks her up. As we’ve said, the ending is ambiguous. Many threads are left hanging in the air.

In contrast, Mirren’s version is faster to watch with only four episodes but, honestly, you'd be wondering why Catherine became so great.

It focuses more on her love affair with Grigory Potemkin (Jason Clarke) and each time Mirren says he’s such an attractive man, you know it’s not true because he looks chunky and overweight.

You don’t even see Catherine’s concrete accomplishments in expanding the Russian empire by conquest and diplomacy. Mirren dominates her role even if she’s required to play a Catherine that’s about 30 years younger than her age in real life.

But the show itself, though it has violence,intrigue and nudity, is cumbersome to watch. We won’t recommend it as a must-see as it’s actually more about Potemkin than Catherine. The series practically starts with his arrival and ends with his death, immediately followed by Catherine.

In contrast, “The Great” seems to be a satire on Trump as Peter is also a stupid leader. There’s a threat of smallpox epidemic, but just like Trump who downplayed the gravity of the corona pandemic saying it will disappear “like a miracle”, until it got so severe and unmanageable with millions becoming infected, Peter is also oblivious to its dangers and it’s Catherine who takes action by doing her own version of the vaccine against smallpox.

 Trump would later even suggest injecting disinfectant as a cure and taking an anti-malarial drug that have harmful side effects. Peter’s idiotic style of leadership and governance really mirrors that of Trump.

Catherine quickly recognizes the extravagance of Peter and his court whose favorite is expression is “Huzzah! (hooray in English)” The more time she spends as empress, the more enlightened she becomes, rejecting to engage in the trivial squables of the petty women in court.

She believes Russia should be more open to Western concepts and ideas, like social change and abolishing serfdom to help the impoverished Russians. So we get to root for Catherine as she’s really has good intentions and has a broader world view, unlike the selfish and narrowminded Peter.

The series often lags and there were moments when we want to drop it, but what carries it through is Elle Fanning’s captivating portrayal of Catherine.

She has a glowing face with rosy cheekbones and delivers her beautifully florid lines quite convincingly, an embodiment of a Disney fairy princess whose lines are peppered with F words and engages in a lot of sex, with one scene showing her reaching climax as Peter is, in his words, “eating her pussy”.

But in the end, despite Fanning’s wonderful presence, “The Great” does not really live up to its title. If you liked “The Favourite”, this one feels like its very much inferior “balahura” version.
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Jun 28, 2020


THE ‘BAWAL JUDGMENTAL’ segment of the country’s longest running noontime show, “Eat Bulaga”, continues to attract more viewers because of its timely and relevant topics, like a recent episode where a young lawyer came out of his closet and the one where the guests were the country's promising young mayors.

Host Paolo Ballesteros himself can’t help but cry when Atty. Klinton Torralba, one of the ten bar topnotchers in 2017, opened up and revealed his real sexual orientation.

Yayo Aguila was the celebrity player and she wasn’t even able to guess that Klinton graduated from college with cum laude honors.

Klinton later said he graduated from UST and he took the chance to be honest about himself.

“Ang paalam ko sa parents ko, I will go to work,” he said. “I’m a part of the LGBT community but in our family, we never had the chance to talk about it because, as a traditional Filipino family, especially I’m from the province, it is not really a matter that we want to talk about.

"I guess, they were not ready and I was not ready. But until a few nights ago, when this opportunity was given to me, sabi ko, 'Parang puwede. Why not confirm it on a national TV?'”

So what’s his message for his parents?

“I promise I won’t cry. But Mama and Papa, everything that I did has always been for you, the both of you, especially for our family.

"And I’m sure, you noticed that I’m behaving differently, because there’s a burden in my heart and I cannot express myself, and there are a lot of responsibilities on top of that.

“I just want to unburden myself and my family of this dilemma, so here I am and I know for a fact that you’ll accept me.  I will never stop making you proud.

"Sure ako na bilang abogado, alam ninyong palaging ipinaglalaban ko ang ibang tao. Pero sa pagkakataong ito, sana hayaan nyo naman na ipaglaban ko ang sarili ko.”
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IN THE RECENT ‘BAWAL JUDGMENTAL’ episode of 'EAT BULAGA' featuring young mayors, one of the guests was the pretty Donya Tesoro, the Dimples Romana lookalike mayor of San Manuel, Tarlac, with Gardo Versoza as the celebrity contestant. When asked about her lovelife, she says she has none. 

“May nanliligaw ba sa inyo ngayon, Mayor?” Vic Sotto asked her.

“Parang wala. Parang ayaw naman nila sa akin,” she replied.

Vic pretended to call directly his son, Pasig Mayor Vico. “Hello, Vico, hello! O hayan, diniretso ko na ha,” as if acting as a matchmaker for Mayor Donya and his own mayor son.

Host Jose Manalo asked her what’s her type of guy?

“Ako kasi, hindi naman ako particular sa looks eh. Basta hindi babaero. Siyempre ‘yung maiintindihan din ang trabaho ko. Sa ngayon hindi ko siya priority. Kaya nga palagi kong nilalagay na #notimeforlove,” she said.

“Dapat, mayor din ang maging boyfriend nyo,” said Jose. “Ano ba paborito nyong pagkain? Gusto nyo pa ba ng kalamay? Kasi darating diyan ang Biko (pun for Vico), may latik.”

That episode went trending. Not only because of Mayor Donya but the other millennial mayors as well: Mayor Arth Bryan Celeste of Alaminos City, Pangasinan, Mayor Kit Nieto of Cainta, Rizal, Mayor Randy Salamat of Alfonso Cavite, Mayor Menchie Abalos of Mandaluyong, Mayor Marcy Teodoro of Marikina, and Mayor Ike Ponce of Pateros.

The young mayors seem responsible and more aware of the ills of their respective cities or towns, compared to the old fogeys we see in congress who sound like they’re mere attack dogs and yes men of Du30.

They admit some politicians tell them they’re still very young, what do they know, so they should just keep quiet.

But obviously, their constituents who voted for them believe we all need a change of perspective in the people who govern us and it’s time for corrupt old trapos to go. The reacrion of netizens is so favorable.

As one of them wrote: “These millennial mayors just proved how toxic Filipinos are when it comes to bata-ka-lang-manahimik-ka culture. Maybe it's time we take a chance at our government being led by the youth. I mean, look at Mayor Vico doing a great job leading Pasig.”

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Jun 27, 2020

GMA HEART OF ASIA is showing the hit South Korean TV series titled “Misty”.

It stars Kim Nam Joo (this is her TV comeback after being absent on screen since she was last seen in “Unexpected You” six years ago) as Arianne Go Hye Ran, an accomplished and famous anchor woman of a prime time news program.

Everyone thinks she has it all but it turns out she has one big secret.

Her life turns upside down when she became the prime suspect in an intriguing murder case.

Her marriage is on the rocks, but her husband, Ji Jin Hee as Kang Tae Wook, a public lawyer, turns out to be her legal counsel and defender.

Kim Nam Joo won three best actress awards for her fine performance in “Misty”.

She first won in the Baeksang Art Awards, followed by the Seoul Awards and last year’s 23rd Asian Television Awards.

An absorbing tale of love, ambition, sex and violence, don’t miss “Misty” on GMA Heart of Asia.
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Jun 25, 2020

IVANA ALAWI rose to prominence due to her youtube vlogs which has a million subscribers.  She tried joining showbiz via Starstruck in 2015 using her real name, Mariam Al Alawi but she didn’t make it.

She’s the older sister of former child star Mona Louise Rey who played the title role in GMA-7’s hit drama, “Munting Heredera”. Their mom is Pinay and their dad is Moroccan.

With her exposure on youtube, ABS-CBN noticed Ivana and she started appearing in their shows. She was interviewed by Jolina Magdangal in “Magandang Buhay” and by Boy Abunda in his show.

She did a supporting role in “Araw Gabi” but she’s now more popular than its star, Barbie Imperial.

She later joined “Ang Probinsyano” and had sexy scenes as the lover of the late Eddie Garcia. She also appeared on the big screen, doing supporting roles in the indie film “Open” with JC Santos and in “3pol Trobol” with Coco Martin.

But her biggest exposure was as one of the leads in the primetime soap, “Sino ang Maysala, Mea Culpa”, with Jodi Sta. Maria that sadly didn’t last very long for which she won the Star best new TV actress award.

Last February, ABS-CBN signed her up to an exclusive contract and she’s about to be launched in her own solo drama, “Ang Lihim ni Ligaya”, but the corona pandemic came along so it’s now in limbo.

Now, some bashers are making fun of her, saying: “Wala ka namang ipapakita bukod sa katawan mo. Yun lang ang meron ka. Wala ka namang utak.”

When she was interviewed by Toni Gonzales in the Kapamilya Channel show, “I Feel You”, the 23-year old Ivana shared her feelings about the bashings she gets.

“I know myself and alam ko na I’m more than just sa paghuhubad, so bakit ako magpapa-apekto sa mga taong humihila sa akin pababa?” she says. “I’m proud of myself kasi nakapagtapos naman ako ng college, natutulungan ko ang family ko and I’m happy. I’m not hurting anyone, trabahong marangal. Naiinggit lang sila e and I accept that.”

She says she’s more affected when it’s her friends who look down on her.

“Yung sa mga kaibigan ko, doon, sobrang naapektuhan ako. Kasi nung time na gusto kong maging sexy tapos, ang sakit na binibitawan na salita. Meron akong two friends na dati, sobrang close ko, everyday magka-chat kami.

"Pag magpo-post ako ng picture ise-send ko muna sa kanila, para ipa-approve ko sa kanila, pero nagsalita sila ng napakasakit na words and that really hurt me, kasi I treated them as my own family.

Yung mama ko and mga kapatid ko, never ako nakarinig ng mga salita na nakakahiya ka. They’re proud of me, and I am happy na my family supports me.

"Ang nakakalungkot lang was the people I thought were my friends, they never supported me sabi nila ‘Wala kang mararating,’ and that really hurts kasi sila pa unang nanghusga sa akin.

"So my attitude now is I don’t care if you’d bash me, kung yan ang ikasasaya mo. But I will not give you any attention because you don’t deserve my time and effort,” says Ivana who’s fairly articulate in both English and Tagalog.
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Jun 24, 2020

SHERYL CRUZ and her cousins Donna, Geneva and Sunshine Cruz have worked together in one project, a music video of the Corrs' song "Brathless. And it came out so well, which is not surprising since they’re all singers coming from the well known Cruz musical family.

This should disprove earlier rumors that they’re not in good terms. They’re taking advantage of Geneva’s currently being in town so they can collaborate in one project. Geneva is based in the U.S., just like Sheryl before, but she’s now available to do local projects.

Sheryl is currently making waves for playing the role of Veron, the scheming business executive who steals the much younger Jeric Gonzales from his wife, Klea Pineda, in the hit afternoon soap, “Magkaagaw”, that’s currently in hiatus because of the quarantine.

As GMA Network celebrates its 70h anniversary, Sheryl shared her feelings about being a Kapuso. “To be a Kapuso is to belong to a home that shares the same dreams, hopes, and ideals as you do,” Sheryl says.

“I started with GMA in the early 90s as a teen star doing shows like ‘GMA Supershow’ and ‘That’s Entertainment’ and I’ve done so many dramas with them since then, lalo na when I came back from living in the States.

I first did ‘Bakekang’ and after that, nagsunod-sunod na, like ‘Sinasamba Kita’, ‘Luna Mystica’, ‘Rosalinda’, ‘Grazilda’, ‘Strawberry Lane’, ‘Buena Familia’, ‘Impostora’, ‘My Guitar Princess’ and now, ‘Magkaagaw’. I will forever thank them for all the good projects they’ve been giving me through the years.”

She’s proud to be part of GMA-7 who’s helping a lot of needy people in this time of the corona pandemic.

“GMA really has a big heart. At this time when we are in the midst of battling the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm proud to be part of an entertainment network that gives hope and inspiration to others, specially to the health workers and frontliners and our poor suffering countrymen,” she says.

Meantime, fans continue to ask her as to when “Magkaagaw” will return on the air.

“As of now, we really can’t say yet, kasi inaayos pa ang lahat so we can resume taping. But I can feel that the fans are really excited kasi when all the cast members and I did a re-enactment on our social media accounts ng memorable scenes namin from the drama series, andami talagang nanood at nagpahayag na sobrang missed na nila ang aming show.”

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JOSE with sexy star GF MARIA OZAWA

JOSE SARASOLA started with ABS-CBN as a contestant in “Pinoy Fear Factor” in 2008, He was quickly eliminated but he branched out into acting. He also became known as a chef and owns his own sportsbar in Paranaque. Now 33 years old, he has left ABS-CBN where the last show he did is “Araw Gabi” with JM de Guzman.

He has now signed up with GMA Artist Center and he wants to cultivate his career as a celebrity chef. “It’s a career move to pursue my culinary career and GMA has shows along this line that will help me achieve my goals in further honing my skills as a celebrity chef,” he says.

His aim is to be like internationally acclaimed chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and the late Anthony Bourdain.  “I hope it will be a combination cooking and travel show kasi my favorite cuisines in the world are Spanish, Thai, Italian and Japanese,” he adds.

He does cooking demos for SM and he was recently seen in “Unang Hirit” where he appeared with host Love Anover in the portion called Sinigang Wars, where he showed how to do his own version of Binagoongan Pork Sinigang.

How about acting? “Given the chance, why not? But I want to take GMA’s acting workshops first to improve my skills as I know marami pa akong dapat matutuhan. I hope to appear in their teleseryes in the future. I’m excited to work with Kapuso artists, like Rayver and Rodjun Cruz and Marco Alcaraz with whom I work out in the same gym.”

It’s common knowledge he is in a relationship with sexy Japanese actress Maria Ozawa who was linked to Cesar Montano before. How is she now?

“She has gone home to Japan and we’ve been in a long distance relationship for two months now. So far okay naman. It’s good we have viber and zoom, so we can communicate constantly and keep track of what’s happening in each other’s lives. She’s excited when she found out I’m moving to GMA-7.”

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SHARON CUNETA is fuming mad. She’s in a fighting mood. First, she answered a man who claimed to be a Dutertard and maligned her husband Sen. Kiko then threatened to rape her daughter Frankie Pangilinan who dared answer those who blame rape victims for what happens to them. Here’s what she told her detractor:

“What an a**h**e of a father. Considering may anak kayong babae. Oo alam namin. At anuman ang pambabastos ng isang tunay na hayop na tulad mo sa asawa ko at LALONG-LALO NA SA ANAK KONG DALAGA, ay pagpapatunay lamang na may mga demonyong nasa mundo na tulad mo. Kaya tama ang ginagawa ng anak kong disente at matalino. Pinagmamalaki mo pang DUTERTE SUPPORTER KA, ganon ba?

Alam mo bang kahihiyan ka sa Pangulo? At para sa kaalaman ng isang bobong katulad mo, ang Juvenile Justice Law ay hindi para hindi parusahan ang mga kabataang may krimen kundi kung seryoso ang offense ay pananagutan pa rin ngunit ihiwalay sila sa mga hardened criminals na maaaring abusuhin naman sila - at managot sa isang prosesong angkop sa kanilang pagiging menor de edad! Ayon sa batas kung serious offense, minimum isang taon pa rin silang kulong at maaaring mas matagal.

"BAGO KASI MAMINTAS NG BATAS NA GAWA NG SENADOR, ARALIN MUNA. (Sorry po mga Sharonians but this monkey crossed the line.) BOBO. TANGA. HIGIT SA LAHAT, WALA KANG TAKOT SA DIYOS! Ang kapal ng pagmumukha mong patulan ang issue at pagsalitaan ng ganito ang anak ko! Tayong dalawa ang magharap - di ko man lang iistorbohin ang asawa kong humarap sayo - tutal baka magmukha kang aso pag ako nakaharap mo! Di kita uurungan.



"HINDI KITA PATATAHIMIKIN. TANDAAN MO ITO: AKO AY ANAK NI PABLO P. CUNETA. MALI ANG BINANGGA MO, DEMONYO KA. @bernsrp @indaysaraduterte (SHARONIANS, remember this monkey’s face and name please.)”

AND THIS IS FOR writer Ronald Carballo who used to be her PRO but has been maligning her a lot lately:

“At ikaw, Ronald C. Carballo, na ilang taon na akong pilit na sinisiraan, this is for you!

Ikaw na walanghiya ka, na tinuring ko pa manding kaibigan noong teenage years ko, ilang taon ko nang hindi pinapansin at sa lahat ng nakilala at naging kaibigan ko sa Press ay NATATANGI at KAISA-ISA KONG HINDI NA KAIBIGAN NGAYON, ang laki ng problema mo.

Bakit hindi na tayo magkaibigan? Hindi ba noon sasanto santo ka? Napakabait mo? Hanggang sa mahumaling ka sa lalaki at pera at kung anu-ano na ang pinagsusulat mo kahit di mo na ako nakakausap dahil ang akala ng mga tao “close” pa rin tayo?

Nag-Born-Again Christian ka pa kuno at naging close pati kay TF Fanny Serrano. Ano nga ba ang ginawa mo sa pera ng first time movie producer na nagtiwala sa ‘yo at nagpatulong na i-produce ang movie ni TF?

Kamusta naman ang mga kwento mong gawa-gawa pati sa interview mo para sa 25th Anniversary Concert Special ko?

"Parang dami mo pa ring alam sa buhay ko samantalang after Rowell at nagbalikan kami ni Gabby at nabastos mo si Rowell sa write-up ganong nasaktan na nga namin yung tao sa pagbabalikan namin ni Gabby noon, lumayo na akong sadya sa yo dahil NAPAKALAKI NG PINAGBAGO NG UGALI MO—mali-mali ang mga kwento mo sa special ko, kasi nga wala ka nang alam sa buhay ko ilang taon na nakaraan! Nakakatawang nakakainis. Eh hindi naman sinabi sa akin na may “surprises” silang ininterview for the TV airing at sinali ka nila doon! Kung alam ko lang sana nasabi kong dekada na kaming di magkaibigan!

Nung minsang nag-birthday ka sa Friday’s sa Manila at nakiusap ka sa aking sana makapunta ako kasi sabi ng Manager sayo, pag napapunta mo ako, libre na lahat ang inorder mo. Pagod na pagod ako dahil buong linggo akong nag-shooting, puyat ako ng Sabado ng gabi hanggang Sunday morning, tapos nag-THE SHARON CUNETA SHOW AKO ng gabi.

"Doon ako galing. Kahit di na tayo close, but because of TF and because he said Christian ka na daw, at para malibre ka, nagpunta pa ako kahit may shooting pa ako uli the next day.

Sabi mo plastic ako di ba? So bakit di ako nagsisipsip sayo over the many years na tinitira at sinisiraan mo ako? Ang daling gawin nun kung plastic ako at gusto ko. FYI, malayo na ang narating ko sa loob ng 42 years. Bilyonarya na ako sa sariling pera ko, matagal ko nang nalagpasan ang yaman ng mga magulang ko.

"Long before TV5 jusko meron na ako niyan! Ikaw pa?! Eh padalhan kitang isang bundle ng cash eh di bati na sana tayo! Ginawa ko ba? Hindi. Kasi MASAMA ANG PAGKATAO MO, RONALD. Nalulungkot ako sa nangyari sa yo.

Hindi ako nabawasan ng matitinong kaibigan. Sila yung mga makakaasa sa akin hanggang magkatandaan na kami. Kasi sa gulo ng showbiz, mga totoong tao sila sa Press. At may mutual respect at love kami sa isa’t-isa. Sayang at hindi mo napakinabangan kahit dulo ng daliri ko ng oo - pinagmamalaki ko kahit humarap ako sa Panginoon ngayon din - TAPAT AT MAPAGMAHAL KONG PUSO NA DI GAWA SA PLASTIC! Di tulad ng sayo. Yun ay kung may puso ka pa.

At anong GIMIK ang pinagsasabi mong que nagpapaawa ako, pinapahamak ang anak, walanghiya ako, flop lahat ng pelikula ko at pati ang announcement kong retirement ay GIMIK LAHAT?!!! Kailan ako GUMAMIT NG GIMIK SA LOOB NG 42 YEARS KO SA SHOWBIZ? Maaaring di na singlaki ng kinikita ng movies ko noong naka siyam

- count them - NINE - still UNMATCHED na BOX-OFFICE QUEEN TROPHIES ang kinikita ng movies ko ngayon. Pero huwag masyadong mabilis sa pagbitaw ng salitang “FLOP.” Ang comeback ko hindi parating. Palpak ka na naman. 2017 pa ako nag-comeback sa pelikula! Naaalala mo ba ang isang pelikulang tinatawag na UNEXPECTEDLY YOURS na tumabo ng mahigit 300++milyon sa takilya?

"Pati naman ang THREE WORDS TO FOREVER NA LIMITADO ANG PWEDENG GAWING ISTORYA DAHIL COMMITMENT NG STAR CINEMA SA REBISCO YUNG PROJECT ay DISENTE ANG KINITA. Yung KUWARESMA nakabawi kami dahil sa Netflix - nakakatakot siguro masyado at di naman ako nanghinayang dahil napaka high-quality naman ng pelikula namin yon ni Direk Erik Matti at Kuya Dondon Monteverde.

"FYI, kundi nagka COVID19, tapos na sana ang 2 pelikula ko for the year, isang multi-city concert tour sa AUSTRALIA, isang multi-city concert tour with REGINE ng ICONIC at 5 corporate shows (alam mo ba kung magkano ang talent fee ko para sa tatlong kanta for a corporate show?) and two TVCs. Grabe laos na laos na talaga ako at kailangan ko talagang gumimik!

"Ayoko pa magretire kaya kailangan kong gumimik dahil WALA NA AKONG TRABAHO!!! Nakakaawa na ako! Wala akong career! Wala akong pera! Wala akong PAMILYA! Wala akong KAIBIGAN! Ay teka - ikaw pala yon! Bakit sa FACEBOOK KA NA LANG NAGSUSULAT AT ABSENT KA SA MGA PRESSCON? Dahil ba trinaydor mo rin lahat ng Movie Production Companies at TV Stations?

"Ang daming galit sayo!!! Grabe ka!!! Dapat hinarap mo ako noon pa. Di ka naman natatakot kahit kanino kaya puro BLIND ITEMS lang ang kaya mo di ba? Ako HINDI AKO DUWAG, RONALD. HINDI MO YATA ALAM YON KASI NGA ILANG DEKADA NA KITANG NILAYUAN.

PLEASE LANG - ang pinaka hindi ko matanggap ay ang paggamit mo sa pangalan ng PANGINOON. Para pagtiwalaan ka? Paniwalaan? Pero pag binasa ang mga pinagsusulat mo, kitang-kita naman ang totoong asal mo!

Meron ka pang sinasabing “naku kung puede lang magsalita...” or something - OMG ng ANOOOOOOOO??!!!!! Ni anino mo nga dekada ko nang di nasisilayan! WALA KANG ALAM SA BUHAY KO. PATI FRIENDS KO SA PRESS, HINDI MO FRIENDS. NAKAKAHIYA AT NAKAKAAWA KA.

THAT’s IT. That’s all I’ve got to say about someone who implied that I WOULD GO GREAT LENGTHS FOR A GIMIK THAT I WOULD RUIN MY OWN DAUGHTER’S REPUTATION FOR SOME ATTENTION. Excuse me - nagbabawas nga ako ng attention at 54 na ako. In fairness may career pa ako ha! At iba ang kinalakihan ko. Hindi kami ganong klaseng pamilya. Kung may tunay na may ugaling masama sa mga anak ko, lalabas at lalabas yon kahit hindi na ako magsalita.

"INA AKO. Hindi ako ang sisira sa sarili kong anak. Maliban na lang kung may masira ang ulo sa kanila at ako ang walanghiyain o baligtarin. Aba apat ang anak ko at dala ko pa rin ang mga pangalan ng Mommy at Daddy ko! Dedepensahan ko ang reputasyon namin kahit sa kadugo ko pa! AT DI AKO SIRAULONG KATULAD MO. SINUNGALING KA. KAYA HINDI KITA KAIBIGAN.

YUN LANG. Sana bumalik ka sa pagdarasal mula sa puso mo, nang magkaroon ka ng kapayapaan at kaligayahan na totoo. Walang klaseng fame o fortune o lalaki ang makakapagdulot sayo non. Bumalik ka sa Ronald na una kong nakilala. Nakakamiss yun.


Malas mo lang - ang may-ari ng Via Mare Franchise na pinuntahan mo ay ang super close friend ko, Ninang ni Miel, Music Researcher and then Executive Producer ng The Sharon Cuneta Show ng ilang taon after Direk Olive Lamasan, Producer ng ilang albums ko including Sharon Sings Alcasid,

the 10 times Platinum Award-Winning “Isn’t It Romantic” and “Isn’t It Romantic Vol. 2” and Co-Producer of “The Mega Event” and “My 40 Years” at the Araneta Coliseum, at marami pang iba! Eto ang kakasulat lang niya sa akin. Hahaha eh matagal mo nang ginagawa ito! Noon pa nakakarating na sa akin itong gawain mo pag nalilibre ang grupo ninyo! Basahin natin.

From ELOISA MATIAS: eto kwento ko na nga lang sa yo. Though this happened many years ago when our Via Mare franchsie was still located in Tomas Morato, not yet the new location now in TImog. Anyway, one morning he messaged me and said magpopost daw sya kasi (this was a tuesday) and kumain daw sya sa Via Mare and bulok daw ang kare kare.

"Sabi ko I didn't know kako let me cal the staff and my sister who manages it and ask what happened. Kasi kesyo di daw nag offer na palitan ang order at pinagbayad pa sya. So bad food, bad service daw from Via Mare. Some common friends jumped in agad and said tama daw yun na iboycott na. Agd agad, mga patolera din namna. So anyway, ito ang kwento mga 5 days before that.

I called the staff and found out he went on a Thursday, 5 days before he posted an ordered kare kare with 2 other friends. wala syang comment , say lang daw nya 'mali ang kare kare ng Via Mare kasi dapat ang buntot is buo, sa Via daw chopped, wrong way daw yun at expert daw sya na cook', that is all he said accdg to the waiter tinake out pa nya yung natira. THURSDAY yan. Nagpost sya TUESDAY, 5 days after saying bulok yung kare kare. Eto ang mas juicy na kwento related dyan.

My sister who manages said, several days ago, Ronald ate in via (before that day pa that he ordered Kare Kare) with group of Princess Revilla at bday daw ni Princess. Nagkataon andun din Mr Tuviera and Eat Bulaga group and binayaran ang bill nila that was a little less than 8k. pumunta si Ronald sa cashier and said, Mr T should not have paid for the bill, so he was asking that the cashier returned to him in cash the amount of the bill which was a little less than 8k. Syempre my sister did not agree. Nagalit si Ronad nagmumura at bina-bang pa yung glass ng cashier 

tapos ayun na after mga 2 days bumalik sya sa Via kumain ng kare kare then siniraan kami after 5 days saying bulok daw ang kare kare. ang nakakatawa when I replied to his post, I nentioned about the 8k and Mr T, he erased my post and blocked me, along with the other friends who said, that kare kare nabubulok after several days kasi may gulay. blinock nya din lahat yun.

Ronald Carballo wrote an open letter admitting he made a mistake and asked for Sharon's forgiveness, deleting all his previous posts that maligned her. But this is Sharon's latest message for him. She's obviously not in a forgiving mood as of now:




In their own entries, the fans of Ate Shawie urge her not to forgive the erring writer. We’re quoting here some of their posts: “NATAKOT LANG SIYA dahil lumabas ang pagka-DRAGON ni Sharon.”

“So sinetch ngayon ang PLASTIC? Hindi ito ang natural at norm nya. Acting lang itetch. Babalik at babalik yan sa dati nyang “old self”.”

“No sincerity. This is fake!!! Uma-acting. Ginamit na naman si Lord.”

“Ngayon patawad. sobrang grabeng paratang mga sinabi nya. saka di lang yun isang post. andami nun. pati ABS at iba pang celebrities ginanun niya, may Catriona Gray pa nga eh. ngayon bait-baitan.”

“The damage has been done! Ngayong pinansin sya tsaka sya maggaganyan. Such a loser! Well, sana lang totoong galing sa puso nya yang pagsisisi nya dahil kung hindi uulitin lang nya yung mga kadimonyohan nya.”

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